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Hiking Fun and Enjoying Nature

Hiking Fun and Enjoying Nature #summer #kids

Hiking Fun and Enjoying Nature. We love to hike and there is nothing more frugal than enjoying nature.  We learn a lot on these hikes.  Some of the best discussions I have had with my boys are on the trail.  It seems to open you up and make you feel better.  We often talk about tough subjects and ponder on life.  There is nothing better than walking with the boys! 

Hiking Fun and Enjoying Nature:

All you need is to find a trail that is the best for you in terms of length. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Always tell someone your hiking location, pack a snack or lunch if you want but always carry water with you.

We enjoy finding walking sticks and enjoying our adventure. I hope this idea for Hiking Fun and Enjoying Nature is something you can try with your kids too! It is a great way to become a Memory Making Mom.

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  1. I agree. There’s something peaceful about being out in nature. We enjoy walking in the woods near our house and have had some of the best conversations during those times.

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