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Frugal Date Night Tips

5 Frugal Date Night Tips

I wanted to share with you 5 Frugal Date Night Tips.  We love to go out on date night but rarely do because of the expense.  It is so expensive by the time you pay for a sitter, and we don’t have family that lives close to us. We are lucky that one of our good friends offers to keep our son from time to time so when she does, we love to go out for date night (thanks Brittney).

Here are five tips for a frugal date night:

1.  Think outside of the box when it comes to planning a frugal date night.  Use season passes to the Zoo, Aquarium, Kings Island or Museum Center.  You don’t have to have your children with you to go to these attractions!  It is fun to go with just your significant other.  Pack a picnic or snacks and save even more!

2.  Sign up for Dining Out and Birthday Clubs.  Our three favorite months to go out is our birthday months and anniversary month.  You can save a ton by strategically using coupons when Dining Out.  Share an entree/split an appetizer and drink water to save more.

3.  Head to the dollar theater if you have one available or a drive in and pack snacks and drinks (if allowed).

4. Go to the park or other free public location in your town.  Check out the planetarium if you have one!  It is a great date night!

5.  Send the kids out and enjoy a date night at home.  Rent a movie or watch one of your favorites on DVD.  Order a pizza or just have popcorn.  It is amazing how much fun date night “in” can be, plus it is FREE!

Do you have any Frugal Date Night Tips to share?

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