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10 Tips to Prepare for Vacation

10 Tips To Prepare for Vacation

Here are 10 Tips to Prepare for Vacation. What do you do when you leave home for vacation? We usually leave someone at our house!  However, if that is not possible there are other things you can do to prepare for vacation. This is a great checklist.  Whatever you do don’t share on social media that your house is empty, and you are on vacation.

10 Tips to Prepare for Vacation:

  1. Hold your mail and papers or have a neighbor pick them up.
  2. Arrange to have your yard mowed if you will be gone very long.
  3. Purchase timers to be set on a few lights in and out of the house.
  4. Clean out the refrigerator.
  5. Turn your thermostat up or down but do not turn it off.
  6. Turn the water off that runs to your washer.
  7. Unplug everything you can in the house.
  8. Empty your trash and have someone take it out on garbage days.
  9. Always leave an itinerary and contact numbers with someone so you can be reached.
  10. Drain all kiddie pools and detach hoses from the house and store in garage.

It is best to always make it look as if someone is home, but you also have to protect yourself. For example, kiddie pools and water toys are a hazard to children who live around you.

Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Don’t tell all your friends on social media sites that you’re leaving town. It’s an open invitation to theft. Friends may not break in but may inadvertently let it slip to the wrong person.

  2. Great tips! One thing we don’t do is to set timers for the lights. I know it seems bothersome, but we always get someone (like a cousin) to watch over the house while we’re away. But I hope we can get timers next time – less of a hassle.

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