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What is Overage at the Store? – 7 Days of Stockpiling

What is Overage at the Store? – 7 Days of Stockpiling. What is Overage at the Store? Overage is every Stockpiler’s best friend.

what is overage at the store

I am often asked, how can you “make” money when you use coupons?  The answer is Yes, you can!  We never “count on overage” when couponing but we love it when we get it!   I always note on my posts if we get “overage” during my shopping trips. Overage is when you purchase and item for $.80 and use a coupon for $1.00.

You will get the $.20 back towards another item in your order. You will normally not get cash back, except at Walmart, so what you want to do is purchase another item so that the “overage” applies toward that item.

Another way to get overage is when you “stack” coupons. You can sometimes get overage by using both a store and manufacturer coupon.

Getting overage will totally depend on the store’s coupon policy.  We have an extensive list of Store Policies, that will help you.  Some stores automatically adjust your coupon “down” to match the items price.  You don’t have to feel guilty in earning “overage” because the manufacturer pays the store for the face value of the coupon regardless of how much you purchased the product for.

We personally like to earn “overage” at a Kroger Mega Sale.  We do well because when you earn a free item you can still use a coupon on that item.  You can “earn money” towards the cost of your other groceries to make your savings higher.

To me overage is a cherry on top of a sundae!  I don’t always count on it but love it when I get it!  It is a nice way to save you additional money while couponing and to get savings towards other items in your cart that don’t offer coupons.

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