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Stockpiling with Little Storage

How do you stockpile with little storage? You have to think outside of the box! I always say to people who take our classes, if there is a will there is a way!

Stockpiling 101 - Stockpiling with Little Storage

You may have to get creative when it comes to storing your stockpile but not having room is NOT an excuse.

Stockpiling with Little Storage:

1. Utilize your kitchen. Store food in your pantry and cabinets. Remove items that take up a lot of space that you are not using and utilize the space that you have. Get a shoe organizer and hang it on the inside of your pantry door. Store items you are no longer using under beds or place in your garage/basement.

2. Store your stockpile in your linen closet. In my opinion sheets, blankets and pillows are taking up valuable real estate. Store your stockpile in your linen closet and store linens under the bed. You could even use space saver bags!

3. Purchase a storage cabinet. Though it may not be appealing to have a Rubbermaid storage cabinet in your dining room what is more important, saving money or having the space to store you stockpile. I chose the stockpile every time!

4. Children’s Closet. Use the top rack of your children’s closet to store items for your stockpile. Most children do not have a full closet, so this allows you to use the extra room.

5. Extra Bedroom. Use your guest bedroom closet for your stockpile or better yet turn it into your stockpile room.

6. Use bathroom storage. Utilize the space under your bathroom sink for stockpiling storage. You can fit so much into this area (trust me I know 🙂

7. Under the bed storage. This is an area that most of us don’t think about. I personally bought risers when we lived in a bi-level and we were running out of storage space and then used under the bed storage boxes for items that we didn’t use often. This is also the perfect location for personal hygiene, cereal and canned goods!

Never let the excuse I don’t have the room to stockpile stop you from saving thousands of dollars a year. Just remove the clutter and find your stockpile a new home! I hope these tips help you when stockpiling with little storage.

Stockpiling 101

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  1. My husband converted the closet in one of the kids old bedrooms into a pantry for me. He also converted a smaller space into a gift closet. When our children were still young and living at home we used shelves in the laundry room, the space under the beds held canned goods and I kept pasta in rubber made totes. I still use those totes and have used big food grade buckets that I got from the bakery to store bulk flour, rice, sugar, oats, lentils, split peas, etc. in.

  2. This is a great tip! We went from a 1 bedroom basement apartment, to a 1 bedroom apt with a patio to now a 2 bedroom place with 2 baths., outside storage and a patio. I fully stockpiled at each and every place. Rubbermaid storage containers were our best friends and the top of our closets were another great space. The linen closet was our main stockpile place and all linens, even now, are kept in the actual bedrooms.

  3. I have completely filled my cupboards and my pantry. Stopping stockpiling didn’t even enter my mind I took over my son’s bedroom after he left home and we now call that room “The Store”. My hubby pokes fun at me all the time but he is proud to say I only spend 200.00 a month on groceries compared to the 800. I used to spend and never had anything to show for it. If I fill my store I will be putting shelves and stuff in my living room and other rooms

  4. We use our utility/laundry room as a pantry. My husband installed some shelves for non-perishable items, and we purchased a chest freezer for any meats I get in bulk on sale.

  5. This is a great article and gave me a number of new ideas. I have to be honest in admitting that we have a stockpile room; however, we are running out of space and have expanded. In the beginning people made fun of us for having a stockpile… now they love to come over and take a trip to the Pfingsten Grocery!

    We also store items in our laundry room and furnace room. Our pantry is sorted and utilized as are the cabinets under our bathroom sink and the linen closet in my daughter’s bathroom.

    I am thinking about trying to shoe holder idea and under the bed. Great ideas … thank you for sharing!

  6. When my older son moved out, I took over the built in entertainment center in his room. It’s an entire wall of shelves and cabinets. It’s my stockpile heaven compared to what I had before which was only 3 cabinets. My 11 yo son moved in that room but he said he didn’t care if I used the shelves. He is just happy to have his own room and not have to share with his younger brother anymore, LOL.

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