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Take the Stress out of Christmas by Planning Ahead

Take The Stress Out Of Christmas By Planning Ahead this year.  It may seem unnatural to think about the holidays before summer break is even half way over, but if you’ve ever waited until the last month to prepare you understand.

Take The Stress Out Of Christmas By Planning Ahead

By making some positive steps toward getting your holiday plans and needs in order now, you can spend more time enjoying family and friends when the season actually arrives.  Another bonus to this method is your budget doesn’t take one giant hit, but little bites here and there.


BUY ONE GIFT A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS:  Even if it is only a small item for stockings or those last minute guests, make sure to buy one gift a week and tuck away for Christmas. By the time the holidays arrive you will have a great stockpile of items to wrap and deliver.

SHOP SALES FOR STOCKING STUFFERS:  Get a jump start on stocking stuffers and random gifts by check out sales and clearance departments now.  Tons of toys, accessories, kitchen accessories and even tools will go on clearance throughout the year, this is the time to stockpile.

TAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURES EARLY:  Do a fun summer shot instead of winter and create a great holiday card that can be printed early.  Address and sign the cards a few a week so you have them all ready to mail at Thanksgiving.

START PLANNING YOUR DECORATIONS:  Do you do a new theme each year?  Start looking at designs and styles early.  Many themes can be purchased year round at your craft shop or online at great prices.  Create wreathes, bows and fun decorations now so all you have to do is put them out when the time comes.

MAKE LISTS FOR GIFTS:  Shopping ahead of time will save a ton of time and money, but without a list of who to buy for you will be floundering.  Make a master list of who all will need a gift.  If you don’t know specifics (like teachers, aids or coaches) simply put their title on your list so you can remember to include them when the time comes.

STOCK UP ON BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY SALES:  When back to school supplies go on sale, head to the big bins of discounted items and stock up.  Not only are these items great for fun teachers gifts to help them restock their classroom, they make great stocking stuffers for your kids.  Items like stickers, special pens and pencils, construction paper, fancy scissors or markers are great for creating fun art baskets for your kids to play with on Christmas day.

MAKE HANDMADE GIFTS YEAR ROUND:  While some items like gifts in a jar that require using perishable elements need to wait, other items are great and easy to make ahead of time.  Work on scarves, blankets, gloves, pillows, pillowcase dresses and more year round to have on hand when the holidays arrive. Here are 20 Gift Giving Ideas that you can make.

With all the stresses the holidays bring about, why not work ahead of time at an easy steady pace to take away some of the burden.  Take the stress out of Christmas by planning ahead this year.  Think outside the box, create your own gifts or shop the sales so you’ll be prepared once the season hits.  The holidays are all about spending time with the ones we love – not about stressing over details.

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  1. It makes so much sense to get all the things that can cause holiday stress taken care of as early as possible. That way you can enjoy all of the holiday experiences with your friends and family and not have to worry about items that still need to get checked off your to-do list.

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