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7 Ways to Save Money at Aldi

You might be a fan of Aldi for their low prices and great selection. You really can get more bang for your buck when you shop at Aldi, and you can no doubt feed your family for less. If you want to save even more on your Aldi shopping trips, take a look below at 7 ways to save money at Aldi! When you give these tips a try, you can get the products you love for the best prices around.

7 Ways to Save Money at Aldi

7 Ways to Save Money at Aldi

1.  Bring your own bags.  Aldi’s offers nice shopping bags for around .10 each. When you bring your own shopping bags, you can easily shave an extra couple of bucks off your order. Plus, you will be doing the planet a huge favor as well! Use reusable shopping bags or plastic bags that you have held onto from other stores.

2. Visit the center of the store for special buys.  The very heart of the store is always changing, offering limited time deals on everything from houseplants to desk lamps. Always make a point to go down this center of the store aisle and see what the offerings are.

3. Buy your meat on Wednesdays.  Wednesdays bring low prices on meat at your local Aldi! Each Wednesday a new sale is offered, and you can stock up on meat for less. It might be pot roast, tenderloin, or chicken. Selections vary but beat out the sale prices of other retailers.

4. Plan ahead.  Aldi’s releases their sale ad two weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to create a menu, make a shopping list, and then go shopping. You can use the weekly flier to plan your meals around the sales, which is sure to help you save.

5. Keep an eye on the website.  Aldi’s may advertise other random sales during the week on their website. Get into the habit of visiting the Aldi website weekly to see if any hot deals have popped up.

6. Trust the Aldi brand.  While Aldi’s carries many name brand products, the Aldi brand will always cost you much less. Give the Aldi brand items a try, as you will find they are made from quality ingredients, tasty, and can really help you save.  Best of all they have a double money guarantee on their store brand!

7. Skip the toiletries.  While they offer great prices on food, the cost of toiletries at Aldi’s is quite high. Buy medications, diapers, wipes, and oral care items at your local drugstore or dollar store instead.

Aldi offers great products at great prices. Keep these tips for saving money at Aldi in your mind.  The next time you need to grocery shop, you can be sure you are stretching your buck as far as it will go!

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