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Stockpiling 101 – Coupon Organization

Coupon Organization


Stockpiling 101 – Coupon Organization. I wanted to share with you my technique for organizing my clipped coupons. I clip them while sitting at the sofa watching the DVR or a movie with the hubby after my son is in bed on Sunday night and then I lay them out on my island on Monday morning and sort them.

I normally have 2-6 inserts, so I have found this system works for me.  If I have more than 2 inserts, then I often sort the inserts use a razor blade and staple the like coupons together and slice them or use a paper cutter and cut them at once to save time.

Coupon Organization

After I sort them, I file them into my binder by section. This method takes much less time as far as sorting goes and keeps my binder organized and ready for shopping trips. If you keep up on filing your coupons weekly, you will not become overwhelmed and will always be able to get in on all the great deals!

A great tip for saving time in the clipping process is to order clipped coupons instead of clipping them yourself.  I supplement with ordering clipped coupons especially on items that I want to stockpile!  Please know that we promote a select group of coupon clippers that we personally order from and trust.

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