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Couponing at Publix

A great way to save money is by couponing at Publix. IF you live in the south or have traveled there, I am sure you have shopped at Publix.

Couponing at Publix:

If you are expecting or have a child under two you can sign up for the Publix Baby Club. If you have children between 2 and 4 you can sign up for Publix Preschool Pals. Being a Baby Club member will get you special discounts and coupons.

Sign up for Publix’s FamilyStyle magazine to get FREE issues 4 times a year.  The magazine is filled with articles, recipes and COUPONS!  Also, sign up for Publix’s GreenWise magazine for recipes and COUPONS too…all for free! Some are manufacturer and some are store coupons.

Publix allows you stack store coupons and manufacturer coupons. What is “stacking coupons”? It means you can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item. If you have a $.50 manufacturer coupon for Band-Aids and you have a Publix store coupon for $.25 off Band-Aids, you can use both to get $.75 off 1 pack of Band-Aids.  Coupons are labeled at the top or bottom with either “store” or “manufacturer” coupon. You can never use more than 1 manufacturer or store coupons on one item.

Publix doubles all manufacturer coupons up to $.50 everyday – Except, Florida stores do not double coupons and some of their policies can vary!

Most stores will allow you to use coupons on BOGO items. For example if Kellogg’s cereals are Buy One Get One Free and you have two $1 off coupons for Kellogg’s, you can use them both. One of the Buy One and one of the “FREE”.  Or if I have a coupon that says “$1 off this when you buy that” and you have a coupon on that, you can use it.

Overage is generally allowed. Meaning that if you have a coupon for $2 off a product that is priced  at $1.95, $2 will still be taken off of your total.  Remember stores will not give you money back from overage. Example, if you have two products totaling $3.50 and coupons for $4 off – don’t expect them to open the register and give you $.50  back – you will want to add an item to your cart to use the “overage”. Occasionally, a coupon that’s worth more than the product will beep and then they’ll check and see that the coupon exceeds the price and they will get a manager to override and change the price. You will get the item for free with no overage.

Penny Deal:  Some Publix stores offer a weekly Penny Deal.  Always check to see if your store does.

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