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How to be an Extreme Couponer

Have you always wanted to know how to be an Extreme Couponer if so then check out our 7 Days of Stockpiling series?  It is a great way to get started in saving your family thousands of dollars a year.  Even if you don’t want to be extreme you can still save your family money!  In this economy saving money with us without coupons is a good thing!

How to be an Extreme Couponer and save thousand of dollars a year from your budget!

How to be an extreme couponer:

Day 1 –Utilizing Coupon Clippers

Day 2 – Organizing Your Coupons

Day 3 – How Do I Build A Stockpile?

Day 4 – How To Be An Extreme Couponer

Day 5 – What is Overage?

Day 6 – Utilizing the Freezer

Day 7 – Living in the “Land” of Doubles

I do consider myself extreme however to me being extreme is buying enough to last my family through the sales cycle.  I don’t generally purchase 1,000 of product but instead enough to last my family and when I have more than I need, I donate it.

I have been talking about Extreme Couponing long before the TCL show Extreme Couponing aired.  There are times when being extreme makes sense.  For example when I bought 200 bottles of Mentos Gum and over 50 bottles of Lysol last April.  These are two examples of Extreme Couponing.  Do I consider myself Extreme? Yes, however I do want to add that I consider myself Extreme within reason.  My primary goal is to stockpile for my family and donate when I am able.

So, how do you become an extreme couponer?

Our number one piece advice to you is never go to the store without a shopping plan. If you do you will NOT walk out of the door with major savings. Every week you should target what is FREE or near FREE. Then you should target what is at ROCK BOTTOM and “match” what coupons you have and these are the items that you should stockpile.

To “match” compare what stores have the lowest prices, and then “match up” what coupons you have with the sale ads.  Factor in which stores will double coupons when you match.  Also keep track of any “bonus” offers such as if a store accepts digital coupons, Catalina’s earned, bonus gift cards earned or free items earned.

Also, it is all about Brands and Product Size.  You want to use your coupons on the smallest size allowable based on the wording of your coupon.  This is the product size that will normally net free or near free.  This is a big change for many of you.   Also, you can not be brand loyal if you want to get in on the rock bottom deals.  Check out our post on Brands and Product Size for more information.

You can also check out our Stockpiling 101 Series and Videos.

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  1. Hello,
    Would love to chat with you about couponing. I am just starting out and have a couple of questions. Can you email me? Thanks!!!


    1. Theresa I also live in a rural area, the nearest walmart is 25 miles from where I live, and we really don’t have a lot stores out here.
      It would be really helpful to get tips on how to save money in this situations!

      1. The best thing you can do is to look at the stores that you have available and compare the coupon policies. You need to watch the sales cycle and purchase when items are at rock bottom. This is when you stockpile.

    1. It is hard to be extreme when you can’t get doubles but you can save 50% which would still be great! You need to really strategically use your coupons.

      1. trying to learn how to become a extreme couponer.checked websites to print coupons. Do I need to purchase a special type of printer to print coupons

  3. i am really afraid that the ” extreme couponing show” is going to hurt us in the long run. what they are doing is being hoarders, in my opinion. just like when the gentleman from villa hills grabed hundreds of tooth brushes, on the first show, and put them in his cart. that is what is going to hurt the rest of us who try to keep others in mind when stockpiling. and the twins last week cleared the shelves of one of the products they were getting and remarked that they didnt care that they had cleared the shelves. not right. i am afraid the manufactures will see this and start putting a limit on the item, as some already do, or even the grocery store will put a limit on your savings card when you present it at the register.

  4. I am a single mother of 3 kids I work full time and I don’t receive any state assistance except on my kids school lunches. I am trying to get where you are, but I just don’t have the time to devote to coupon clipping and sale ad comparing that I am realizing it takes to do what you do for your families. I don’t want to be over the top, but I do want to stock pile on the needed items for my family. My oldest, Daughter, is 14, my Middle child, Son, is 8 and I have a 7mo baby Girl. SO I need everything from food to feminine items to diapers and formula. I buy generic because the little couponing I was doing wasn’t worth it. It was cheaper to by generic. I have bills piling up that need to be paid, I have cut corners where I can, but it still isn’t enough. Cutting my grocery bill is the only thing left. I have seen websites where you can buy coupons. Is it worth it and again comes the sale ad comparing. Do I just need to toughen up and find the time to devote to this or is it really not that hard? Please help and God bless all of you for all you do for your families.

    1. If you devote 3 months to building your stockpile and really spending the time you will be amazed at the results! I know it takes time but the payout is so worth it.

      1. Jimella,
        (sorry for the late comment)I have a suggestion for you in reguards to having no time along with having 3 kids as a single Mother.I have 4 kids and I’m a single Mother as well so I know how it is!Anyways,my advice would be to get the kids involved.While your clipping your coupons allow them to hold the kid sissors to clip items from old coupon inserts to use for a collage or something.You can turn it into quality time spent with the kids.They would love it.Also,you can make it more fun by asking them to make a grocery list and see if they can find a coupon match.Good luck!


      1. Hi mellisa my name is Theresa I want to start couponing but I don’t know how or where to get all these great coupons help me out please let me know.

      2. Hi,
        Thanks for the tips about couponing,I’m learning alot all through your blog.I have a question about the coupon clipper,I’m not sure if the coupon clipper in your area is a magizine with tons of coupons that people recieve in the mail monthly.If this is that,can you tell me how do I get one delivered to my home monthly?My neighbors recieve one monthly but I don’t.I tried calling their 1-800 # but I was told only the address’s on their mailing list get it and I couldnt add my address to the list.:( I went online on their site as well and found nothing as far as a mailing list) Thanks again for your help.
        shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  5. Melissa,
    I tried today to shop with coupons using the show “extreme couponing” as motivation. I don’t want to be extreme or obsessed with coupon shopping although I would like to start saving a lot and being more budget consious. Of course I would love to get things for free or for little money as they do on the show…. not 100 free items but 5-10 so help my family. I noticed that all my stores around me double coupons up to 99 cents. So really all my coupons that were for a $1.00 were not doubled. How do you and other “extreme couponers” get items for free or almost nothing? Is their actually stores that double coupons beyond a dollar? Or does a crazy deal which one make one stockpile it come onl every couple of months for a item… meaning you have to watch extremely closely? How does these people on the show get toilet paper and deoderant stock piles without having coupons doubles over a dollar?

    1. It is all about strategic coupon use. You use your coupon when the product cycles to rock bottom or 70% off and that is when you stockpile.

  6. I too only have a couple of stores around me, but I called the one closest that I found out doubles coupons up to and including 50 cents. So that’s great! They will only let you use 20 coupons per transaction and only 1 like item (like, you can’t buy 2 deodorants of the same brand and use coupons for both) but I still work it as much as I can. I end up going to the store about every day. But I truly love to do this…I could totally be an extreme couponer if I really had the resources and the store would let me. 🙂 Thanks for this post!

    1. Hopefully your store will loosen their policy. Can you just put the bar down and make multiple transactions?

  7. Hi,

    I’m so confused by watching that TLC show..how do you buy multiple items of the same product and get it for free? I’m now taking care of my parents and really need to know how to save in order feed us all. I’m not interesting in hoarding but just getting to the register paying a fraction of the cost. Is there a page that fully explains how to understand methods and techniques of couponing for a newbie like myself? Thank you so much.

  8. Hi there!

    After spending almost a year on a strict food budget of food stamps, going without, and simply buying stuff that we didn’t like but couldn’t afford anything else my best friend and I have started “planning” to become EC, but the only problem is that we often see coupons that say, “Limit one coupon per visit/customer/item”. It’s confusing because we may have a coupon for 50% off a bottle of Lysol Wipes but it says “Limit one coupon per visit”…how do you get around these strict rules?? Thanks!

    *When I say that we are “planning” I mean that we are reading amazing blogs like yours, watching shows like Extreme Couponing (taking notes), and reading Coupon Policies for all the stores in our area. We really need to find a way to start saving money & actually buying food and other items that we need, when we need it. I hate eating Ramen noodles for several days in a row b/c that’s all we can afford. Please help us! Thanks!


    1. one coupon per product per purchase means for example that if you buy a tube of toothpaste and you have two $.50 off coupons you can only use one coupon for one tube of paste. however if you buy two tubes you can use two coupons, etc. Unless there is a limit of example ‘limit 4 like coupons in a transaction (your shopping trip) you should be able to use multiples unless your store limits coupons. Sometimes I find this languages confuses the cashiers, also.

  9. Do all coupons have a limit?…..I’ve noticed some of them say “A limit of 4 coupons per shopping trip”…… but in the TLC show I see individuals use 50 or more at a time for the same product…..where do you find coupons that don’t have a limit on them?

  10. hi im having some trouble trying to coupon but i really need this my family has gone broke and we have nothing in our fridge and i have a 6 month old son we are living paycheck to paycheck if any one can help me out that would be great because i am at breaking point what do i do

  11. I have noticed on the extreme coupon tv show they buy items that i wouldn’t call food they buy 80 dental flosses or 100 toothpastes but what about meat for 7 days a week and side dishes the items we all need for everyday.. i know my family loves red meats and chicken i never ever see them getting anything like that

    1. They don’t get deals on meat because you normally don’t have coupons for meat. So the money they save on other items they spend towards their meat and poultry products.

  12. If someone could call me and walk me threw on hoow to start being an extreme couponer i live in oklahoma my number is 405/595/6091 thank you and have a wonderfull day

  13. I am new at this and would like to get more info,would sure appreciate if I could get a reply back with lots of info.I also live in Oklahoma

  14. hi iam new to this and really want to start to use coupons the only stores i have is publix winn dixie cvs walgreens target and walmart. how do i start ? thanks

    1. Hi, Nicole
      I just started visiting this site and have been couponing since october of this year. I recently went to walgreen’s and my total was $147.67 when cashier rang up my items, but after using my walgreen’s coupons and stacking with my manufacture’s coupons I only spent 91.00, i was able to stock up on toilet tissue, paper towels, personal items, cold medicine, dawn, coffee, other household items. i also went to kroger’s this month and had a grand total of 376.00 but after ecoupons, and double of printed coupons i only spent 200.00 this was very exciting for me. i racked up on cereal sales, their 10 for 10 items (using coupons on them also), and their ban deodorant buy one get one free with my 1.00 off coupons. i print alot of coupons and have recruited family to save theirs for me, purchase online, and signed up with many products websites to print off coupons. you can also like serveral products on facebook and then print off a coupon for it. I got 2.00 off tide by doing this and then caught it on sale for 5.00 ending up paying 3.00 for it. i am on disability with 4 children so i have to save as much as possible with a limited income.

  15. the same here i dont no where 2 look 4 free coupons printable 2 use for good savings and where i can use them, can u help?

  16. Isn’t that a lot of running around trying to compare prices at the different supermarkets? I know I have major chains within 5-10 miles of each other (Shop Rite, A&P, Pathmark, Stop & Shop, Foodtown) but it would be crazy driving to each to compare prices. Is there an easy way? Not everything is online or in the paper.

  17. hell there ladies im recently seperated and im having a heck of a time trying to figure this out so i would appreciate if some could show me how to do this properly so i could get more for my money thanks

  18. I seen the Extreme Couponers show I have to say unless you are giving alot to people who are out of jobs there is no reason someone needs 60 bottles of hot sauce, 75 two liters, six freezers 100 deodorants, I say be damn reasonable. I can see if you buy enough for your family and those out of work but way i see it if power goes out and the six freezers and friges goes out and you loose all the frozen food we someone who needed it more or their kids could have bought it to feed their kids instead some idiot has hoards of food that well went down the drain. NO ONE NEEDS 75 DEODORANT STICKS AND DAMN SURE NOT 60 BOTTLES OF HOT SAUCE.

  19. I would llike to begin a food bank at my local church and my family Ineed help to begin with the coupon. Where to places to get coupon from. how to get good bargains etc Pls help Ms. COUPON LADY GET STARTED!!!!

  20. I just started reading your blog and liked the part about being “extreme!” One thing that really stood out and which I practice as well is that when you are couponing you can’t focus too much on being brand loyal as if you are looking for a good deal or rock-bottom pricing they don’t always go hand-in-hand. Thanks for adding to the couponing and deal movements!

  21. Hello everyone, can someone help me and tell me where to get a whole bunch of printable coupons or coupon booklets? I don’t know where to get them, how do all these extreme couponers get free coupons? Someone please help me! 🙂

    1. If you don’t receive coupon flyers, there are sites that clip coupons from flyers and you can order them for a small handling fee. for example today i ordered $70 dollars face value of coupons for $6 . this is a ‘clipping’ charge and postage. You choose only the coupons you want and the quantity you want. They arrive quickly. There is a posting on this site listing multiple clipping sites. I used thecouponclippers.com today.

  22. My name is christina and i live with my mom and my brother and roommate. and as of right now me and my mother are the only one working. so trying to feed 4 people and pay bills gets hard and me and her are wanting to get started on Extreme Couponing. So is there any tips or ideas you can give us to get started. Thanks so much

  23. Hi!
    My name is Daquetta and I just wanted to say that I appreaciate all of the advice you are giving us beginners. When my husband leaves for deployment in two weeks I plan to dedicate all of my free time to a stock pile. He hates shopping he rather just pay I love to save so this is going to be so awesome! Thank you for everything!

  24. I am just started my research on how to become a couponer and my question is how do you “stockpile” when you only have one coupon for that item I am really lost and confused here. I need some major help and tips!! Thank you!!

  25. Hi ladies, Can anyone please help me on how to do the extreme couponing where i can go into a store get 2 or 300 dollars in grocerys and only spend 20 or 30 dollars. please help my family is on a very fixed income since husband lost job. thank you

  26. What is the best way to be an “extreme” couponer when no stores will double coupons in my area HELP ME PLEASE , Mare from Naples,FL.

  27. Hi I am trying my hardest to learn how to do this couponing thing, would love some tips. We live on a military base and would love to start stocking up. Please email me thanks:)

    1. if you have a dollar general, family dollar, walgreens near you, you can use their coupons (in inserts or print from their websites) and stack those with a manufacture coupon to get some great deals. Target does this also with their coupons that you can print from their site, and manufacture coupons although they do not advertise it, but it is in their coupon policy(i print out policies for all stores i shop with and keep in my coupon binder)

  28. Hi. I’m a 16 year old girl that is taking up couponing for my family. My mom has been unable to find a job and my dad works, and does an enormous amount of overtime. This seems like a really good way to save money, and trust me, I’ve done my research. The problem I have, however, besides being a beginner, is that we must buy certain products gluten free and those coupons are hard to come by. Any advice from more advanced couponers would be welcome.

    1. I am going threw something similar I want to know where are suppose to get all your coupons from?

  29. Hello,\
    I am new to this site. I signed in to the chat on the site, but no one was responding to me lol idk.
    I am new to couponing. I build and designed my book so thats ready to go. I have done some shopping , but have been getting a lil dicouraged. I am from New York City.
    If someone is willing to become my coupon mentor be very grateful email & Googletalk is [email protected]
    Thanks Cee*

  30. I have a question i want to get more for my money but how can i have a stockpile if i live in a one bedroom apartment with very minimal room? I will take any suggestions.

  31. Hi. I am trying to get coupons. I dont have a working printer and ive been looking online for coupons that get mailed to you but i havent really seen anywhere, and when i did you had to go threw all this survey junk. If anyone knows where to get more coupons that would be great. Also I live in manchester NH and if anyone knows of any stores that double coupons please let me know thanks =)

  32. I have clipped and clipped and still clipping and printing coupons. Also I have went to my stores and have gotten the rewards card to go on top of the coupons as well. just wondering will i still be able to save if my stores dont have double coupon days? also should I only stay with the coupons that say “Buy one Get one” and 1$ off one item?

  33. I would love to become an extreme couponer , I need some advice on hpq to get coupons in the mail. I do not hace a computer or printer. There is a walmart and brookshires out here where I live. Please help me out. I do always go online via mobile and check out all grocery store weekly afs but that is not enough. So please email me at [email protected] if you have any advice for me.

  34. I would love to become an extreme couponer , I need some advice on hpq to get coupons in the mail. So please email m

  35. I reside in San Diego California, I’ve heared the best savings are in other states and that California is a very hard place to become an extreme couponer, is this true?

  36. I’m sure this question has been asked many times but I dont see it here after scrolling for some time.
    How do extreme couponers get 100 of the same coupons?
    I’m pretty sure they dont buy 100 Sunday newspapers=$100-$150, that would defeat the whole purpose! I have used ebay in the past but only getting lots of 20 of the same coupons or so.
    I have also traded but to get up to 100 of the same coupon that would take several trades and I would probably miss out on the deal if its on sale this whole week for example.

    1. Hi Gennel,
      I’m just getting started too, but there are “Clipping” services that you can buy clipped coupons (the coupons in the Sunday paper) for a reasonable price. (Usually $0.06 – $0.50 / coupon) You can usually buy as many as you want. I recently found a website that you can buy 20 coupons of the same items for real cheap!


      Don’t know if anyone else has heard of them, but it was a suggested site to me for starting out. These lovely ladies also have a few listed on this website. There is 6-7 that I know of.

      Hope this helps!!

  37. Hi I’m a single mom of two kids ages 3 & 2 and i want to become a extreme couponer do anybody have any ideas on how to start

  38. hi i want to learn how to become a couponer but I really don’t understand policy and qty like an example $1off on any Lysol that mean in only one or many of them?
    i now when is $1 off on one paper cruiser

  39. Ladies please help me understand to policy of how to coupon I’m eager to be an EXTREME COUPONER.

  40. I’m new to the vegan lifestyle and am eager to become an extreme coupon-er. I am also very big on DIY so I’m always on the lookout for affordable essential oils and key items like baking soda, corn starch, and coconut oil. Any help (coupon websites, affordable websites, stores, and even recipes and vegan websites, etc…) that anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. You can use the same strategies that we use – I don’t know of any Vegan Coupon Blogs though.

  41. hi my name is brittany an i am trying to become an extreme couponer i need help bad lol. so can some one please help he out thank your

  42. Ha I’m looking for someone to do some extreme couponing for me n allow me to watch to learn as well .if there is anyone who would love to take on the challenge with a 300 to 400 dollar budget

  43. Hey everyone, my name is Ashley Tilson and I am 15 hoping to become a Extreme Couponer the reason because I want to save money for my family and a lot because they spend a lot of money on my softball(Love softball hope to sign with someone when I am done with high school) and this will be the only way to get my dad home for good. Some people may think that I am too young to try but what the heck gotta try it!!(:

  44. Hey I am Jackie I’m 16 and I will love to become an Extreme Couponer. my family is really tight on money and I think that this will be a good way to save. So if someone can help me I would really love the help. Just want thing to be ok in my family food is what we buy a lot and spend a lot of money on, really need the help please and thank you!!
    Jackie D.

  45. Hi yeah i am new to this and i was wondering if anybody could help me since i kinda dont understand how it should start and I need a budget of 100 .. in order to feed tree people plus needing to buy dippers for adult and baby foods..

  46. I really wanna become a extreme coupon in order to support my family … i really need the help taking care of my family and my grandmother … thank you for your time and hope you can help me out …

  47. After watching the show on TLC I would LOVE to learn how to be a extreme couponer. I am a single mother of two and A LOT of the time I of run very low on food at the end of the month. PLZ HELP!

  48. SO recently I have been watching the show extreme couponing. I am only 18 years old but have many people in my family. Money is always tight and I feel like with the right help if I can become a person who uses coupons my family life will be a lot better. I have not the slightest idea about couponing and would love if someone can help me step by step. I need someone that I can talk to and ask Questions to. Please help!

  49. Hello would like to know more about couponing and saving hard times have bin going on with my family. Currently living 6 peeople (one pregnant) and a newborn in our home hard to feed everyone with only one family member working

  50. I dont understand..If a coupon is $100.00 off of three ..does that mean you buy three and a dollar off each one or do you take a dollar off the total of three

  51. I will love to know how to safe some money doing this.so i can provide a little more for my family,our budget is $200 a month for a family of 5,we always get almost nothing..please help. And thank you for your help.. sincerely Roberto

  52. Hi I am really interested in becoming an extreme couponer times are hard and I have some questions so I could get started I would really appreciate the help thanks

  53. Hey guys! Im a college student with 0 cash saved up for clothes, makeup etc. you know, typical stuff girls my age like. I was wondering if extreme couponing would work for retail. For example if I have a coupon to Victoria’s Secret for 30% off a bra, is there any way I can get like 25 for 3 bucks or something like that. I would really like to become a retail extreme coupon-er but I don’t know how and where to start? I’d really appreciate any advice or tips (: thanks

  54. Can someone help me I would love to learn how to start a stockpile being that I have four kids and three step kids

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