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How to Start Your Garden Seeds Indoors

How to Start Your Garden Seeds Indoors

How to Start Your Garden Seeds Indoors

It is time to start thinking about your garden!  If you are like me are anticipating planting your garden.  As you know I garden frugally and this year I have decided to post weekly updates!  I love how I can stretch my stockpile with fresh produce and there is nothing better than gardening to do so.

So as we are nearing gardening season it is time to start your seeds indoors.  This is a great way to get start your garden off ahead of the game.  You can create your own pot out of newspaper and save yourself the cost of purchasing starters!

Gardening Time – How to Start Your Garden Seeds Indoors

  1. Cut 4″-wide strips of newspaper.  Fold over the long edge of each strip 1″.
  2. Moisten the newspaper with water and wrap the strips snugly around a  glass or jar (but not so tight that you can’t remove the jar when you are finished).
  3. Gently tuck the bottom edges under the jar so that they meet in the middle to form the base.
  4. After it dries take the jar out of the newspaper and fill with seeds and soil.
  5. Plant and water and your seeds watch them grow!

This is a great way to save money and purchase seeds instead of plants and start them yourself now indoors.

Do you garden?  Do you plant your garden from seeds or start your seeds indoors? 

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