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Celebrate Earth Day with These Projects

I love Earth Day! You can Celebrate Earth Day with These Projects. It is a great day to plant a garden, make an earth friendly cleaner or a project that reuses, repurposes something that would traditionally go into the land fill. All of these projects are perfect!

Celebrate Earth Day with These Projects:

Gardening Tip – Vertical Gardening – Don’t have space to have a garden. Check this out.

Gardening Tip – Starting Your Seeds Indoors – A great tip to start your garden.

Re-growing Green Onions from Green Onions – It really works!

Homemade Washing Detergent – Super popular. Pinned 1,100 times to Pinterest!

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner – I love this! Pinned 1,200 times to Pinterest!

Homemade Mosquito Repellent – This really works! Pinned 2,600 times to Pinterest!

Re-growing Celery from Celery – This is so cool, and it has been pinned 39,700 times to Pinterest.

Organic Pest Control Remedies – Pinned 29,600 times to Pinterest! I use this all the time!

DIY – How to clean your drain naturally – This tip works! Pinned 1,700 times to Pinterest.

Planting a Moonflower = Hours of Family Fun – My son loved this when he was little.

Tips for Container Gardening – This is a great way to garden with little space.

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