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Extreme Couponing – 200 Bottles of Mentos Gum = $28

This is a prime example of Extreme Couponing!  I decided to stockpile Mentos gum when it was on sale for 10/$10 at Kroger this past week.  There was a coupon for $.55/1 that matched so I made the decision to order 200 coupons.  At our store this coupon doubles to $1.00/1.

Extreme Couponing – 200 Bottles of Mentos Gum = $28

Why?  I have 2 reasons.  #1 why would I not?  It was FREE!  #2 my hubby loves this gum and chews it daily.  It was stockpile time for me!

After I placed an order for 200 coupons, I called my local Kroger and placed an order with the store manager for 200 bottles of Mentos Gum.  They were very nice and asked what flavors I wanted.  I did not have to pay in advance I just placed the order and gave them my phone number to call me when it came in.  I did tell them when I ordered that I was using coupons and they said that was no problem.

When they called, I went in and of course had 200 coupons to redeem.  My total OOP expense at the store was $12.00 sales tax.

Extreme Couponing – 200 Bottles of Mentos Gum = $28

My final total was 200 coupons x $.08 = $16.00
Sales Tax = $12.00
Final OOP Expense = $28.00 for 200 bottles of gum or $.14 per bottle!  The gum normally retails for $1.50 a bottle so this was a great deal.

If you are going to order in bulk or try to redeem “large quantities” of coupons I highly suggest ordering. It was so easy, and the manager and customer service department were so nice about it. They were actually happy that I ordered in advance as to not “clear the shelves” and they were fine that I used coupons!

The manager actually hugged me before I left! 🙂

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  1. To be honest, when I first saw this pic I was annoyed…..until I read that you placed an order with your local store.

    *Thank You!*

    Not only is this more convenient for you and the store, it also shows a courtesy to your fellow shoppers by not “clearing the shelves”.


  2. I’m fairly new to couponing, but working on becoming a bit more extreme. I’m confused on the math with this one. You had 200*.55 coupons = $110.00. But if you bought the bottles that were 10/$10, wouldn’t that still leave the cost at $90? HELP please.

    1. For Kroger/Cincinnati area, the coupons actually have a value of $1 each due to coupon “doubling”.

      Any coupon valued up to 50 cents is doubled
      Any coupon 51 cents – 99 cents =$1

      The gum was $1 so all she paid for was the sales tax on the gum and the purchasing of the coupons from a clipping service.

  3. This is a great example to set! I’m the same way, I easily go through a pack of gum everyday 2-3 days..I love it! And at a price like that, WHY NOT stock up?! 😉

    It’s refreshing to see how nice a store manager can be as well. He should get a bonus for that! LOL

  4. I thought I was going overboard by ordering 80 coupons on top of the 18 I redeemed last week. But my sons LOVE LOVE LOVE this gum and chew more than a piece a day sometimes. I too try to order instead of clearing the shelves. If I plan on getting more than 10 of an item I will normally ask the manager to order it for me. I love my local kroger and they love me!

  5. I was like how in the ? And then I saw that you contacted the store first and then I was like hmmm….that’s a good idea! You’re clipping service is that fast that you was able to still catch the sale?

  6. Yes, all the services we suggest ship within a day of ordering so you can still “cash in” on the sale. For this one I ordered Sunday, got the coupons Wednesday and bought it Thursday. 🙂

  7. Wow – that is awesome! I just started couponing in Oct/Nov and I’ve been waiting for a deal like this on toilet paper or paper towels – have you ever seen any great deals on these? I don’t know why, but I HATE paying so much for toilet paper!

  8. Angela, if you are like me you feel like you are just flushing your money down the drain…LOL! I know many people do well with the free Marcal toilet paper but my stores don’t carry it 🙁

    1. Mine don’t carry the Marcal either 🙁 Oh well, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for a great ‘free’ sale sometime in the future where I can really stockpile!!

  9. Hey! Thanks for the tips, This is Chasity from Meijer…you have came through my line a couple of times and gave me your card so i thought i would check out your site. My closet is already getting packed full of stuff I have bought in bulk in the past, now I’m going to have to find more room since I’ve got some more ideas. I love how you contacted the store first instead of just going in and clearing them out! I’ll keep you updated on any deals I come across 🙂

  10. Staples carries Marcal paper towels and toilet paper. We at the Cold Spring, KY store on Saturday for something else and happened to see individual rolls of the Marcal paper towels on the shelf. Luckily we had our binder in the car so we scored 6 rolls for $.36 OOP. Woohoo!

    1. Through Coupon Clippers. We have a list on our top menu under Coupons – Coupon Clippers that we use and trust 🙂

  11. Which kroger store did you shop at? I usually go to eastgate, cherry grove or amelia and was wondering if you are nearby.

    1. Do you factor in the cost of ordering clipped coupons in your savings? How much did you have to pay for those Mentos coupons?

  12. How and where do you ORDER extra coupons? And in this case you used one per item all in ine transaction correct?

  13. okay so this maybe a crazy question but how are you still able to use the same coupon on one transaction if you cant double coupon on a manufacturers coupon? i guess what i am trying to say is if the product is the same and the coupon is the same how are you able to use more than on coupon on our purchase?

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