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How to keep apples from browning

How to keep apples from browning. This is a tip that will save you money!

How to keep apples from browning. I wanted to share with you how to keep apples from browning. We really love sliced apples as a snack at our house, but we don’t like them when they turn brown. This tip will save you money!

How to keep apples from browning:

To delay the browning process on apples you can use citrus juice. My personal favorite is fresh lemon juice.  If you don’t have a fresh lemon any citrus fruit will work.  Another option is bottled lemon or lime juice (any citrus juice will work).  Finally, you can use a citrus soft drink like 7 UP, Sprite or Sierra Mist.  I often get these free after coupons, so this is a great use.  Always rinse your apples before eating them.

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  1. this is great i dont send my son to school with sliced apples because they brown and he wont eat them do you fully submerge them???

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