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How to hull a strawberry

 How to hull a strawberry

How to hull a strawberry. I bought some nice organic strawberries and thought I would shoot a quick video on how to hull a strawberry (remove the cap). I could not find my tripod, so my precious 6-year-old shot the video for me. Notice his artistic work at the end 🙂 This is probably going to be a favorite video for years to come so I can hear his little voice.

How to hull a strawberry:

I purchase an inexpensive tool from Pampered Chef instead of using a knife. You can also use your fingernail to go under the cup and pop it off. If you use a knife, it will actually waste the strawberry. This is a great money saving method. You can purchase a similar tool from Amazon.

We love Strawberries!  They are a great stockpile ingredient too!  You can easily freeze fresh fruit and use them for smoothies.  We hope you enjoy this collection of our favorite Strawberry Recipes.

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