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Best Grocery Saving Apps

Best Grocery Saving Apps

It has become harder and harder to save money at the grocery store.  We really miss those double coupon days, but there are still coupons out there.  In this day and age, most coupons are digital you just have to know where to look.  I have gathered a few of the Best Grocery Saving Apps to share with you.  There are more but these are the ones we currently use.

Best Grocery Saving Apps

Best Grocery Saving Apps

Ibotta – Ibotta has been around for years.  I downloaded it and didn’t use it for the longest time.  Now, I am using it all the time.  Ibotta has become a favorite of mine.  Ibotta works with leading brands and retailers to help you save money.  You can shop through the app and make cash back or you can use it at the store. I find adding cash back offers before you go grocery shopping is the easiest but you can add them anytime.  Sometimes you make money just by uploading your grocery receipt.  Download the Ibotta app now to start earning cash back on every online and store purchases.

Ibotta Pros

  • There are a lot of grocery coupons you can add to save at every grocery store, including Costco and Sams.
  • You can shop online at your favorite stores and earn cash back.
  • You can link some store cards.
  • My favorite Ibotta partners include: Walmart, Target, Meijer, Ticketmaster, Chewy, Dollar Store, Aldi, Home Depot, Family Dollar, Petsmart, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Kroger, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, JOANN Fabrics, Walgreens, Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and many more.
  • Easy to Withdraw your cash earnings via PayPal, bank account, or gift cards.
  • You can save twice on some items.  You can use regular coupons at the store and then this is bonus savings, banked in the app, by taking a picture of your receipt.

Ibotta Cons

  • Grocery Store offers may not be the items you use.
  • Some people are not keen on adding their bank accounts.
  • You may not find all stores you use on the app. I have found most!
  • You do not see your savings on your receipt but it banks in your app.
  • Shop online at your favorite retailers such as Kohl’s, JcPenny, and more!

Fetch – This is one of Melissa’s favorites!  It is so easy to use and all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt.  You basically just shop, scan, and earn points.  We scan every receipt, including store, restaurant, gas, pretty much any receipt you get your hands on! Gather up those points and trade them in for gift cards! It’s really that easy! Download the Fetch app to start earning! 

Fetch Pros

  • JUST about Everything about Fetch is a pro!
  • It is quick and easy!
  • Fetch doesn’t require you to search for coupons.

Fetch Cons

  • You don’t earn cash!

Other Grocery APPS

**click store to check out their site!

Kroger – You can really add to your savings with the Kroger App! Download it in the app store or you can use the website. It is really easy to use! You can also reorder your meds and such from the pharmacy.

ALDI  – See price reductions, ads, find a store and so much more!

Walmart – Check your app store!

Instacart – Check your app store!

Coupons.com Did you know you can still print coupons online!! You sure can!

P&G Coupons Check it out!

Apps are great if you know how to use them! I highly recommend you search your favorite stores and see if they provide an app.  They usually are packed with savings and their store ads! Feel free to leave a comment and let us know about your apps!

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