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Cheat Sheet for Saving Money at Aldi

Cheat Sheet for Saving Money at Aldi. While Aldi does not allow coupons or price matching at any of their stores, you can rest assured that you will still save a lot of money. If you shop smart, you can spend about half of what you would have normally spent at another grocery store. Here is a cheat sheet of ways that Aldi helps you save money on great quality food items.

Cheat Sheet for Saving Money at Aldi:

Make the most of your money by shopping at Aldi using these tips to make your money go just a little further. I love shopping for great deals at Aldi and know that it can change your food budget in huge ways!

Private Label

Aldi is able to bring a good quality product to you at such a great price because it focuses on private labels versus the leading national brands. You will pay as little as a $1-$2 less by going with Aldi’s private brands, that taste really good too. Many blindfolded experiments have shown that consumers could not taste the difference between many products they tried.

Center Store: Red Hot Deals

Make sure you keep an eye on Aldi’s red-hot deals where they have many seasonal items including outdoor entertainment, kitchenware, and holiday decor. You can find some really good deals, and if the season is wrapping up, you can get these items for more than half off.

Canned Goods

If you need to stock up on canned veggies, beans, or fruit, Aldi has some great prices that will be next to nothing.


Some of the prices you find in Aldi’s produce section are ridiculously low for a great value. You do need to be cautious and make sure you’re grabbing the freshest selection so that value stands.


Whenever there’s a fluctuation in milk and egg prices where prices begin to shoot up dramatically, somehow Aldi still holds their own and remains the cheapest no matter what part of the country. Aldi in some places of the country has milk for around $2 a gallon, and eggs for less than $1. While you might see an increase at Aldi on milk and eggs, you don’t need to bother seeing if Walmart and Kroger are cheaper.

Meat Sales

Every Wednesday, Aldi begins a new ad and always has great deals on meat. Jump on this Wednesday morning to grab the freshest meat that was recently delivered.

Bakery Markdowns

When Aldi’s bakery goods are within 2 days of going out of date, they mark down their baked goods to hardly anything. You can pick up some great pies, bread loaves, and more for a small fraction of what you would have paid the day before, and it still tastes just as good.

Bargain racks

Right before you check out, make sure you pay attention for any racks that might have discounted goods at a low price. You will save over half off products that’s original retail was already a deal.

Hope these tips for saving money at Aldi help you. These are some ways that you will save money when you shop with Aldi. If you’re a regular Aldi customer, what other ways do you save big when you head to the grocery store?

Tips for Shopping at Aldi

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