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Visit Horseshoe Bend Arizona

You must Visit Horseshoe Bend Arizona. We went to Arizona for an ultimate road trip during spring break and we are so grateful we did. You must add Page, Arizona to your travel bucket list.

Visit Horseshoe Bend Arizona:

My guess is that you may have never heard of Page, Arizona. I hadn’t until my friend went and I saw her pictures on Facebook. I immediately added this to my travel bucket list. The beauty of the natural landforms surrounding the town are breathtaking. You will be able to visit the Navajo Nation and explore the Colorado River’s famous Horseshoe Bend, which is a massive desert rock formation.

We drove to Page, AZ. We stopped and hiked to Horseshoe Bend. It is a 1.5-mile round trip hike, and it was AMAZING. I highly recommend! Seriously breathtaking!  The cost was $10 to park, and I suggest wearing comfortable shoes and taking a bottle of water with you. It is an absolute MUST SEE.

Horseshoe Bend is a circular canyon formed by the Colorado River. Its rim allows for visitors to walk directly up to the edge and look down at the turquoise water below. It is one of the most awesome sites I have ever seen, and I have traveled all across the world. There are some railings for your protection as well.

Another way to see Horseshoe Bend is from the sky on an airplane or helicopter tour. You can also take a horseback tour or kayak. We personally chose to hike. As you can tell from my video, it was windy! There was a lot of sand blowing the day we were there so I would suggest sunglasses.

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  1. Great post, and thank you for linking to our site, HorseshoeBend.com! Please tell me you toured Antelope Canyon while you were here, it’s just one of many AMAZING sites surrounding Page, Arizona. Take care and safe travels,
    Alley 🙂

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