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Tips For Going On Your First Hike

Check out these Tips For Going On Your First Hike. Have you ever made the mistake of overexerting yourself the first time you tried a new hobby or activity? Don’t make the mistake. Trying to put on a front that you’re anything more than a novice can end up backfiring and possibly wind up putting you in an extremely dangerous situation. 

Tips for Going On Your First Hike

The same holds true for when you set out on your first hike. Heading out on a strenuous hiking trail without any experience could ruin the experience. Before you head out on your long-awaited adventure, take a look at a few of these Tips for Going On Your First Hike that will help you have a fun and enjoyable experience without trying to do too much.

Start Small

There’s nothing wrong with starting out small. Choose a trail that’s relatively easy and one that doesn’t change abruptly in elevation. Just remember that even though you can walk a flat 2-mile trail in about an hour, if you’re adding 1,000 feet in elevation to your hike, you’re adding another hour onto your trip. Remember to pace yourself as well.

But you might be saying that there’s fantastic scenery awaiting you at the end of one of those difficult trails? Those adventures will come in time once you’ve mastered the easy trails.

Get Well-Acquainted with the Trail

It’s also a good idea to get a map of the trail you are deciding to head out on and study it a bit. It’s pretty easy these days to find some great trail resources available online. Try and choose a trail that is a loop, and if it’s not, see whether you’ll need to have a second car at the trail’s end.

You’ll also want to see whether there are interest points along the way where you can stop to take a break. Studying the map will help you figure out quickly where you made a wrong turn on the trail if that were to happen also.

Give Someone a Head’s Up

It’s also extremely wise to let someone know where you’re headed if for whatever reason you were to come up missing. That way they can alert the authorities directly to where you were and a search and rescue mission can find you quicker.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Taking a look at the weather forecast for the day will give you a heads up on how you should dress and possibly keep you from becoming surprised by an ear-splitting lightning storm halfway through your hike. (Another hand raise on this one)

Wear the Right Clothing and Shoes

Make sure that you head out on your first trail with the right type of hiking shoes as well as socks on. Failing to do so can cause pain to your feet. You also don’t want to be miserable by wearing the wrong type of clothing. Make the decision now and skip wearing anything with cotton, and wear in comfortable layers that you can take off or put on.

Pack the Essentials

These are a number of essentials that you’ll want to bring with you. Remember to bring plenty of water, enough nutritional food, extra clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, map, compass, first aid supplies, lighter, and a flashlight. All these are important, but remember to keep your pack as light as possible so you don’t wear yourself out.

Leave No Trace

There’s a reason why the trails that you head out on have no trash and little evidence of people along the way. That’s because the hikers ahead of you left no trace besides their footprints, and you should do the same.

When you choose to head out on your first hiking trail while using these tips, I guarantee you’ll have not only a fantastic time, but you’ll be much safer while doing it. If you’ve been hiking for a number of years, can you remember your first time experience? I’d love to hear where you went and how it went. What other tips would you recommend to the first time hiker?

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