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The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Dad

If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas gift idea for Dad and/or for your family, we have a gift that is Santa approved! It is the Onward by Club Car!  Our family has been enjoying the Onward for the past four months.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Dad

It has been an amazing addition to our family dynamic bringing us together for hours upon hours of fun!  If you are considering a golf cart or vehicle for transporting your family, you will love to receive the Onward on Christmas morning!

If you have a golfer in your family, they are going to quickly fall in love with the Onward™ 4 Passenger Golf Cart by Club Car. Trust us, this is the ultimate Christmas gift for Dad or any golfer.  My husband and son have fallen in love with it.  As you know we moved to Berea and live on a golf course.  They use it literally 4-5 times a week.  Even this fall they are still enjoying golfing on our Onward. However, the Onward is not limited to golfers.

The onward is a great vehicle for transporting your family and friends. It encourages families and friends to come together and enjoy the outdoors. It is the perfect vehicle when you don’t want to get into your car but still want to spend time as a family or with friends on the on the go.  Best of all it is comfortable and practical, yet fun and stylish all at the same time.  Several of my girlfriends stopped by for a visit recently and we took the Onward out around our neighborhood.  They all loved it. The Onward™ 4 Passenger Cart by Club Car is perfect if you live in a gated community or if you have a vacation home at the beach or lake.

The Onward™ is available in your choice as an electric or gas golf cart.  Best of all you can design your dream Onward online using their online tool.  It is a great way to customize it with the options that your family will enjoy best. There is no need to go to a dealership it is so easy to use.  When designing your dream Christmas gift, you can see a virtual image as you add the options to your onward.

Family Fun For All Seasons in the Onward by Club Car

Overall, The Onward™ has become our go to family vehicle.  We drive it to the creek, my parents’ house, the golf course, the community garden, the soccer field and all over our neighborhood for fun!  We also used it when we watched the solar eclipse.  It the perfect vehicle for our family and will be for your family too!

The Onward is Santa approved as The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Dad (and every family).  Trust us this is the gift that all dads want and families will enjoy for years!

Disclosure:  We received The Onward™ by Club Car for personal use.  All opinions are 100% our own.


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  1. This is the ultimate gift for Dad! Our family loves the Onward and I would think that every family would too!

  2. I would totally love to drive one of these! Looks like so much fun and it’s incredible how much you can fit in it. It also looks safe and sturdy, which is my number one concern.

  3. Wow, this is so cool and I know my dad would enjoy driving one of these. Heck, I’ll be glad to drive one…lol! My husband is always on the golf course him and my oldest son so this would be perfect for him too!!

  4. We have a club car that we utilize around the farm, but now that we have four kids we could really use a bigger one (or just another one). This one looks perfect and would definitely make a great gift!

  5. This really is a great gift idea. My in laws live in a community that they can drive club cars to the stores around the city. They have never bought one but I know they would LOVE this one. It looks amazing.

  6. This is so much fun. My parents have a club car that use when walking down to their lake. They love it. They also will use it around their subdivision sometimes. Very smart.

  7. You’re right this is the ultimate gift for Dad. If we had the land to ride this one I would for sure get one for him. We can’t even have them in our HOA so I’m a bit jealous. How fun would this be.

  8. Wow! My dad will definitely love this if he would receive this gift! All of us will indeed very pleased and happy to receive this! How cool and fun having this and experiencing this.

  9. Ok, not that I am a big golf fan, but I am just thinking of all the different ways I could use that cart. I know I would love having one. And my daughter would love having me driving her around in one. I definitely approve of this dad gift.

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