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The degrees of a properly cooked steak

Do you love steak?  My husband and boys love it! It seems like every time we go out someone’s steak is not cooked the correct temperature. With the cost of eating out, we have been cooking ours at home. This is when we researched, the degrees of a properly cooked steak!

The degrees of a properly cooked steak

  • Rare steak – Cooked to 125° F or 25° C, this steak should have a cool red center.
  • Medium Rare Steak –  Cooked to 135° or 57° C, this steak should have a warm red center and be
  • Medium Steak – Cooked to 145° F or 63° C, this steak should have a warm pink center.
  • Medium Well Steak – Cooked to 150° F or 66° C, this steak should have a slightly pink center.
  • Well Done Steak – Cooked to 160° F or 71° C, this steak should have very little to no pink.

I hope this helps with preparing your steaks!  StockpilingMoms is a huge stockpile of information!  Check out the other grilling recipes below!

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