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10th Birthday Gift Idea

Here is a 10th Birthday Gift Idea for you! We consider turning double digits a really big deal at our house. This is a milestone birthday! We hope these ideas help you celebrate the 10 year old in your life.

He started off with “10” pancakes for breakfast. This was a huge hit! Add some candles and sing if you want.

My husband made this poster for my son. Look at who is DOUBLE DIGITS today!!! He included 10 GREAT reasons to be 10. And you are 1 decade old… Or 10 years old… Or 120 months old… Or 3,650 days old… Or 87,600 hours old… Or 5,256,000 minutes old… Depending on the unit of measure you are pretty young and pretty old.

Then we wrapped 10 gifts for him to celebrate! This was a HUGE hit with him! We didn’t spend a lot but it is core memory he will always have.

10 Gifts for your 10th Birthday:

  1. His favorite candy
  2. His favorite toy.
  3. His favorite candy bar with a $10 bill taped to the back.
  4. 3 cans of silly string.
  5. A water bottle in his favorite character.
  6. A new card game (monopoly deal).
  7. A new puzzle.
  8. A new video game.
  9. An air horn.
  10. A new lunch box with his name embroidered on it.

Finally, we spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge and he took two friends with him. They all had a blast and the night away cost me about the same as having a traditional birthday party. With built in entertainment and loads of fun. This was a memory that the boys have forever.

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