OXI CLEAN MAXFORCE REVIEW. Hello everyone!!  I wanted to let you know about a new product I have used and am reviewing.  It is the OXI CLEAN MAXFORCE Laundry Stain Fighter & Booster and the OXI CLEAN MAXFORCE Pre-Treater Gel Stick.

Here is the scenario…  Last weekend my sister got married and things were insane!!  My youngest son decided this is the day of all days he was going to take his diaper off and “urinate” all over our hardwood floor.  After I got that cleaned up, he got in the frig and threw Yogurt all over the playroom!  This is all in the middle of us getting ready for the wedding.  So, after cleaning it all up, I rolled it in a clean towel and put it in a laundry basket.  I just did not have time to mess with it…with all the craziness of the wedding.

That night when we got home, my youngest son who has horrible sinus and allergy problems, had a nosebleed.   He bled all over the pajamas he is wearing in this picture.  The top of the pajamas was completely covered!  I was not taking the time at 1:00 am to worry about it.  So, everything sat in the laundry basket until Monday morning.

Monday morning, I was upset that I had been lazy and did not wash it on Sunday.  I was just worn out from the wedding weekend.  When I picked them up out of the basket, they smelled horrible!!!!!  I grabbed the stain stick and treated the blood stains and started warm water in the washer.  I added laundry detergent and the OXI CLEAN MAXFORCE Laundry Stain Fighter & Booster.  I really was thinking I would be throwing things away!!

When I took the towels, rags, and PJs out of the washer it smelled better.  I then dried the load, and it came out perfect and smelling great!!!!  I give these products the BIG thumbs up!!  They saved me from having to admit I was being lazy on my hectic weekend!

In closing, my oldest son wants me to tell everyone it was not him!!!  It was the little one!!  I have to say that Oxi Clean Maxforce Laundry Stain Fighter and Booster…really saved me!

Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample of Oxi Clean Maxforce Laundry Stain Fighter and Booster to review however as always this is an honest review and true story of my results using this product.

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  1. I just bought some of this today after months of frustration over other stain removers that didn’t work. Hope I have results like you did!

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