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BKW Seasonings Review

We had a family BKW Seasonings review night!  Melissa brought her family to my house and we prepared dinner.  We used the BKW Original Gourmet Seasonings!  I actually put my husband to work because he is great on the grill!!

First we made Dad’s Ribs with BKW BBQ Rub!  This was a recipe of my husbands!

BKW Seasonings Review

Step 1
We bought a full slab of ribs.  Cut ribs into 3 sections for easier grilling.   Then generously sprinkle the BBQ Rub all over the top of the ribs.  Rub the BBQ Rub in on the top of the ribs and then flipped the ribs over and sprinkled the bottom of ribs.  Flip back over and sprinkle the top again!

Step 2
Preheat oven to 350. Wrap each section in aluminum foil and place them on a cookie sheet. Place in preheated oven for 1 hour.

Step 3
After one hour take ribs out of oven and remove the aluminum foil. Pick BBQ sauce of choice and sprinkle additional BBQ Rub in to the BBQ sauce and mix. Cover the top of the ribs generously. Place back into aluminum foil (new pieces) and place in oven for an additional hour and a half at same temp.

Step 4
Place on Grill for 10 minutes. Sprinkle BBQ rub on top while grilling. Then serve hot!!!

BKW Seasonings Review

My honest review of these ribs and BKW Seasonings is that I will not be eating at a rib joint for a long, long time!  We made this at home and they were the best tasting ribs I have had in a long time.  They were falling off the bone and the seasoning was awesome!  It tasted like a savory blend of spices and the BBQ flavor was enhanced.  I would recommend this product to anyone.  You will be seeing it on my Menu Plan Monday soon!!

We also made BKW Seasonings Pork Chops.  They were not as fabulous as the ribs but were quite tasty and a hit with my kids!!!  Melissa really loved them.

BKW Seasonings Review

BKW Seasonings Review

Rub the boneless pork chops down with the BKW Original Seasoning.  Then let them sit in the refrigerator for about 20 min.   Take out of refrigerator and put them right on the grill!  They were very tender and were a hit!  I think we may try bone in chops next time.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample of BKW Seasonings to review however as always this is an honest review and true story of my results using this product.

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  1. Thanks for providing this review. I recently saw a cook on TV using BKW seasoning and wondered if it’s really good. Glad I found your unbiased review. I’ll be visiting my local Food City soon to buy some.

  2. I got hungry reading your post, LOL. Seriously, we have some ribs in the freezer that I’m going to try your method on with a BKW Seasonings sample I won on Twitter awhile back. The pork chops look delicious too — perfectly brown!

  3. Your post is making me hungry…I’d luv to try these out on chicken and fish too. Thanks for the recipe and review.

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