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Summer Travel Tips Checklist


Summer Travel Tips Checklist

Summer Travel Tips Checklist. It is finally officially summer! For us that means travel and road trips! We love to take time in the summer to make memories. Each summer we take a road trip to visit family, friends and see new sites. Of course, taking road trip isn’t always easy. You need to keep the kids busy as you travel. We have a few tips to help you if you are traveling this summer with kids.

Summer Travel Tips Checklist:

1. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks from your stockpile when you travel so that you don’t have to stop and make expensive pit stops. I like to pack a cooler with lunch too!

2. Pack a tote for each child. Include 10 items or at least one new item for every hour of your drive. These could include books, coloring books and crayons, etch a sketch, small toys, new video game or a new DVD just to name a few. A frugal tip is to buy these items throughout the year when you find them on sale/clearance.

3.  Purchase DVD’s that have digital copies.  This is a huge lifesaver!  You can download the copies to your iPad or iPhone, and you will have a variety of movies for the kids to enjoy when you are on the go.  Check out the new Disney Movies Anywhere app for easy management of your digital copies and for extra bonus features.

4. Load your iPod with your child’s favorite music. We love to sing together while we drive. It passes the time, and your child will enjoy dancing in their seat to the music. If you don’t have an iPod, check out CDs from your local library.

5. Take time to educate your children on where you are going and what they are going to do while they are there. I often bring a travel guide and show my son pictures of where we are headed during the road trip.

6. Use flashcards with your children. This is a great time to work on colors, shapes, addition, subtraction, Spanish…you can pick these up at your local Dollar Tree or create your own on index cards.

7. Play games while you drive. We love to play “I spy”, Slug a Bug and Bruiser Cruiser (PT Cruiser), Finding something that starts from A-Z as we drive.

8. Enjoy your time together! Create memories of your family time together!  There is no better time and enjoy every minute of it!

As you noticed one of my suggestions is to purchase DVDs with digital copies and download those copies to your iPad or iPhone.  This is a great way to have entertainment on the go for your kids!

Are you a Disney fanatic or do you have a Disney fanatic at your house?  The first movie that Peyton watched was Finding Nemo.  I think I have every single line of the movie memorized.  In fact, we often use the line…. just keep swimming…when we are finding ourselves in a sticky situation to break the tension.  We also love to talk “Whale” to each other.  I wouldn’t trade these Disney Movie memories for anything!

If you are a Disney fanatic like we, are you going to love Disney Movies Anywhere!  You can watch full Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies on your iPhone, iPad or laptop computer with the Disney Movies Anywhere app. This includes all your favorites like Frozen, Marvel’s The Avengers and Finding Nemo!  It really makes Summer Travel a breeze!

Summer Travel Tips


Disclosure:  This blog post is part of a paid Social Moms and Disney Movies Anywhere blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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  1. Great tips! I am going to be passing these on to my kids. They will appreciate it when they plan for their vacations this year.

  2. What a wonderful variety of ideas. We used to play the license plate game on long road trips. We’d start with a blank map of the U.S. and see how many states we could check off by seeing a car with that license plate.

  3. Great post – I especially love the tip about getting digital copies of movies/shows. This is a definite space saver which is always a bonus whether you’re flying or driving.

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