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What is Magic Ears?

What is Magic Ears? Magic Ears is an innovative online English as a Second Language (ESL) education provider. It is based in Beijing, China, and provides English immersion classes to Chinese children ages 4-12. Classes are currently being accessed in 26 countries, and it recently launched recorded class curriculum for sale worldwide.

What is Magic Ears?

We had the opportunity to interview Amy who is a Magic Ears Teacher. Amy has an interesting story, she graduated from law school and decided to forgo her legal career to stay at home with her two special needs sons and now she works a few hours a day teaching with Magic Ears earning a full-time income.

What is Magic Ears?

Q. What got you interested in working with Magic Ears?

A. I was working for another online ESL company that is also based in China, however, there was no hope for a raise or advancement with that company. I investigated Magic Ears at a time when it was only a year old. It was a smaller company with big dreams and an even bigger heart. At the center of its operation was a core respect and appreciation for its teachers—a vastly different approach from other companies that existed at that time. When I started the application process, I was able to work with their dynamic platform and curriculum and was sold. I have now taught thousands of lessons and tens of thousands of students and still believe that it was the best professional decision I could have ever made.

Q. What are the benefits to working with Magic Ears?

A. The dynamic platform and curriculum make for incredibly fun and energetic classes. Time passes by quickly and enjoyably. I believe that life is too short for us to spend time doing things that do not bring us enjoyment. Magic Ears pays me more than any other online ESL company I have worked with. Lastly, the company offers a very generous cancellation policy. Many companies enforce monetary penalties for cancellations and will even cancel teacher contracts if they happen. I am a special needs mom. Life happens sometimes unexpectedly for us all, and particularly in my household. Sometimes, cancellations are necessary for the good of my family. That Magic Ears supports this fact makes me even more willing to give them my time and services.

What is Magic Ears?

Q. What experience/equipment is required to teach at Magic Ears?

A. Magic Ears welcomes applicants from the USA, Canada and South Africa who are native English speakers. Applicants must either have a minimum of bachelor’s degree or are actively pursuing one. And, finally, ESL certification is required to teach children in China. Magic Ears offers a fully accredited course for $20 to assist applicants with this. Below is a visual of computer specifications. You will also need a headset with a microphone to teach.

What is Magic Ears?

Q. Do you have to work odd hours (early/late) to be a teacher?

A. No matter where you live in the world, classes operate on Beijing Time (BJT). We have students and teachers of Magic Ears that are located in many different countries, so the hours would have to be converted according to the time zone in which you live.  For teachers in the United States, these are nontraditional hours. Many teachers craft their Magic Ears schedules around family and other employment. Since I am personally a morning person, I choose to teach morning hours while my boys are still sleeping. I am finished by the time they wake, and we can start our day.

Q. What is a typical work schedule like? Is there flexibility?

A. Magic Ears does not require minimum hours from teachers. You can work as much or as little as you like. You can also craft your schedule to teach when you like. Some teachers like only mornings while others enjoy only evenings/nights. Some also do a combination. You can change your availability according to you needs.

Class Clip

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?

A. Hands down, my favorite part of this job is working with the children. No matter what is happening in my own life—and as a special need’s mom, I see more than my share of difficult things—my spirits are lifted each time I log onto the Magic Ears platform. I am transported to the other side of the world and have the privilege of contributing to the futures of our students in a way that is fun and engaging. I love interacting with children, and our students are excited to take our classes. It is an extremely rewarding job.

Q. What is the most difficult part of your job?

A. When the USA started quarantining due to the pandemic, I found it a challenge to meet the changing needs of my children while also working. I know that I was not alone in juggling all that was required of us as society worked toward a new norm. I needed to find a way to be fresh and energetic both in my work and in the long days with my special kids as they struggled to understand what was happening in the world.  Many of our teachers are parents, and I think finding the balance between work and home is a universal struggle. A silver lining to that struggle for me was that it was all happening under one roof. I could easily move back and forth between my own children and my classroom and we worked to establish peace in our household.

Q. Why do you think others would enjoy this job?

A. I initially began working in this field because I needed to find a way to earn income while staying home with my special need’s sons, who participate in daily therapies in our house. When the pandemic hit and the rest of the world scrambled to find work and adapt to working at home, I was fortunately already working in an established online industry. My livelihood has not been threatened by world events. I can work around my children’s schedules, but, if something unexpected happens, I am not penalized for cancelling a class.

These factors alone are attractive to me when considering how I am going to earn an income for my family. However, there is something so joyful and rewarding for me when I work directly with the students in their homes and lives. Magic Ears presents English education in a way that is fun for the students and being a part of that for them feeds my soul. It provides a viable source of income that can be earned from the comfort of your own home while playing with children.

What is Magic Ears?

Q. How hard is it to get started?

A. It is as easy as checking your computer specifications and getting a headset. I also conduct interviews for the company and meet applicants in all stages of their online ESL career.  What we look for initially is basic ability to teach something. Most everything can be trained if you show a basic aptitude to teach ESL online. We offer training to both applicants and hired teachers as we believe in the benefit of continual professional development. Anyone interested in the application process can join the “Magic Ears Q & A” Facebook page where candidates can ask questions and share information with the support of hired Magic Ears teachers.

Link to FAQ video on YouTube.

Want to get started by applying to be a teacher at Magic Ears? Click HERE.


Teachers must be native English speakers, have (or be currently pursuing) a bachelor’s degree in any subject, and hold a 120-hour ESL certification.

The application process:

Once an applicant submits their application, they will have the option of submitting a Recorded Interview or Live Interview. The is no correlation of doing to the recorded or live and getting hired- it is just personal preference. The Recorded or Live interview will last approximately 10 minutes.

The Recorded Interview will consist of the applicant providing a brief self-introduction and teaching a lesson for the letters Mm/Nn and the words Moon and Nurse. Applicants do not need to download the Magic Ears Teaching Platform for this option.

For the Live Interview, the applicant must schedule a time to meet with a member of the Magic Ears Team on the Magic Ears Teaching Platform. The session will consist of a brief introduction before the applicant teaches a lesson to the team member who acts like a student.

The next stage is the Trial Demo. The Trial Demo will be with a member of the Magic Ears Team on the Magic Ears Teaching Platform, which is where applicants will receive the material 24 hours before the scheduled time. Applicants will receive feedback immediately after the demo wraps. If they do not pass the Trial Demo, they will be provided with feedback and/or training before they can schedule another attempt. (There are no limits on the number of attempts at this moment.)

The next step is the background check and contract offer! You can complete the hiring process and begin teaching in as little as two days!

One good thing to know is that Magic Ears books classes for the teachers so teachers do not have to promote or market themselves.

TESOL Certification Program:

All Magic Ears Teachers are required to have a 120-Hour TESOL Certificate. Magic Ears offers an affordable, accredited option, but applicants are not required to use the Magic Ears program. The program does not take 120 hours to complete and is completely self-paced.

If you are looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity you should consider applying to Magic Ears. It is a great way to supplement your income or create a full-time income if you are in need. After meeting Amy, I realized this is something that I would be interested in myself. Magic Ears provides your curriculum and professional development opportunities. You honestly do not need a lot of space to get started as an online educator. Amy shared her space with me, and it can be in any area of your house. Even a corner of a room, the basement, under the stairs or a closet!

Magic Ears has a Facebook page and two Facebook Groups – one for current teachers and one for prospective teachers.

Current Teachers

Prospective Teachers

Check out Magic Ears on Facebook

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Check out Magic Ears on LinkedIn

Check out Magic Ears on YouTube

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