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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Escape That Your Guests Will Love

Do you have guests over frequently? If so, you know that having a great guest bathroom is a must. Not only are you looking for function, but you want something that is also inviting. Check out my tips for How To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Escape That Your Guests Will Love. This is more than just adding an air freshener. A great guest bathroom starts with the fixtures you include!

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Escape That Your Guests Will Love

We’ve always opened our home to guests. Whether it is a few of our sons’ friends over for after school gaming or family friends coming to stay for an extended weekend, we love sharing our home with others. The guest bathroom is a huge part of their experience, and I wanted to make ours ideal when we built our new home.

Include beauty with function

A bathroom doesn’t have to just be all functionality. You want to include something beautiful alongside your toilet, shower, and sink. Adding a bit of your own personality or pulling in themes from the rest of your home is vital. Sleek lines, clean silhouettes, and functional fixtures are a must in a guest bathroom.

A coordinating rug, or a few fresh flowers are always a must in a guest bathroom. Coordinating the towels, washcloths, and wall hangings to the color of your tile, or the rest of your home decor is a must.

Add unique modern style

The Larissa Vessel Sink with Upton Single Handle Vessel Faucet are such a modern style to add to your guest bathroom. They are so sleek and easy to keep clean. Modern amenities make your guests feel welcomed, and always make your bathroom look up to date and clean. Opening the door to a guest bathroom that has all new fresh and sleek fixtures is the perfect welcome for your guests.

Luxury showers add comfort with cleanliness

When you travel, you always feel best being able to grab a shower after a long ride in the car or on a plane. Your guests can arrive to your home and find the TOTO Aero Rain Shower as a perfect way to clean up and feel refreshed. A long day traveling always means you want to relax and enjoy time with your guests. This shower feels like a beautiful rain shower that has the ability to wash away the dirt and grime of the road.

Everyone deserves to have a luxury bidet

Introduce your guests to the luxury of the Carlyle II 1G Connect+ Washlet S350e One-Piece Toilet by including one in your guest bathroom. This is a luxury item that everyone needs to experience and will fall in love with after one use. By including in your guest bathroom, you are opening a new world up to your friends and family.

A luxury guest bathroom includes a few basic but luxury amenities along with your own unique style. Throw in fresh flowers and a selection of luxury soaps and lotions, and you’ll have an oasis everyone longs to enjoy on vacation.

Disclosure: We received TOTO products for our new home. All opinions are 100% our own.


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  1. Forget guests, I would love that for MY OWN escape. I totally need to start working on a bathroom re-do one of these days.

  2. That is such an inviting bathroom. I think people forget just how good a nice bathroom feels. It makes the day go better when you can take a nice, relaxing shower.

  3. I just love this bathroom. I want to re-do ours at some point. One day we’ll have to get some luxury showers. We’d probably do our bathroom first and maybe the guest one, ha.

  4. We upgraded both of our bathrooms this past summer. So thankful we did this. Makes everything looks so much more up to date and cleaning is wonderful now.

  5. This is such a great post, I love the idea of making sure your bathroom is a bit of an escape for guests, it can really make all the difference to having a relaxing time and feeling at home if you feel like you can use the loo comfortably.

  6. Oh! Wow! This is something that I want on my bathroom and it really looks so relaxing. I will renovate my bathroom!!

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