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5 Tips For Packing For Your Move

Packing for your move can often be the most frustrating and time-consuming job when you buy or build a new home.  With so many things collected over the years, it may seem like a never-ending process to sort and purge.  If you know at least a few weeks to months in advance that you will be moving, these 5 Tips for Packing for Your Move are going to be just what you need to make that packing easier to manage.  Last minute moves often mean a little less sorting and a lot more hurried process.

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5 Tips For Packing For Your Move

Purge before you pack.  If you have some time before you move and are not in a hurry to get things packed, it is important to purge.  As you go through your apartment or home, you’ll find many items broken or no longer needed. It’s time to sort and remove these items so you aren’t taking things to your new home that you no longer need.

As you go through each room, sort into stacks of items to throw away, donate, and pack.  You could even use this as a way to host a moving sale and make some extra money for new things at your new home.

Pack one room at a time.  Packing for your move can be overwhelming.  Work one room at a time so you can make sure you don’t miss something and don’t get overwhelmed.  Sorting one room at a time makes it easier to manage to keep similar things together as well.

Use liquor boxes for glassware. One of the best tips I received was to stop by the liquor store and ask for empty boxes.  These are sturdy and will hold heavier items, but they also often have the cardboard inserts that are ideal for keeping the glass bottles from clanging against each other.  You can use those inserts to keep things like your own glassware and Knick knacks separated in the box for safety.

Pack breakables in towels. For those larger breakable items like bowls and casserole dishes, instead of using newspaper or bubble wrap, grab the kitchen towels and wrap with those instead.  You have even more cushion around your items while also managing to pack those towels in the process.

Pack the items you need first last in your truck. This is mentioned all the time but is well worth repeating.  When you pack the actual moving truck, make sure those items you’ll need right away are in the front of the truck and easy to get to.  Things like toiletries, clothing, bedding, and similar are items to be loaded last for easy access.

As you plan for your move, don’t forget to grab some of our favorite supplies to make it easier to manage:

These tips for packing for your move will make things a lot easier to manage when you arrive at your destination!

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