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House Update – Framing Time

House Update - Framing Time

House Update – Framing Time. It is hard to believe how fast they are moving on our new house. Last Friday, they poured the basement floor. We were so relieved that they got a few good days and were able to get that done. If not, we would have been at a complete standstill until the weather broke again. We were really pleased with the quality and workmanship of the basement floor.

House Update - Framing Time

Though we weren’t there to see it in person because we were traveling our friend, Gin, sent us some photos and we were excited to know it was done. The timing was perfect because they got it poured on December 23rd. It was a great Christmas present for us!

House Update - Framing Time

After they poured the floor and Christmas passed, we were shocked to learn that they started framing last week. Not only did they start – but they also practically finished! In three short days, they made major progress.  We spent time on site watching them frame and really enjoyed watching this part of the process.

House Update - Framing Time

The progress that they made in one day was crazy! We watched for several hours in awe. They did a great job!  This is a photo from Day 1.

House Update - Framing Time

We watched them lay the floor joists which was really cool!  It literally took them less than 30 minutes.

House Update - Framing Time

After they laid the joists, they began laying the floor.  We decided to leave before it was complete, but they finished all of this one Day 1.

House Update - Framing Time

By Day 3 the progress was amazing to see.  We couldn’t believe how much they had accomplished. We spent several hours again watching and walking through the house.  Now you can actually “see” rooms, so it is really exciting now.

House Update - Framing Time

Next will be the roof!  They have made so much progress in three days of framing.  With only 1 or 2 more left.  They have the roofers scheduled this week.

House Update - Framing Time

Here is a photo of the front of the house.

House Update - Framing Time

Here is a photo of the garage.  It is moving fast, and we can’t wait to see the house with the roof on.  This has been an exciting process from selecting our floor plan to seeing it built. With each time we visit, we get more and more excited.  It is true. There is no place like home.

House Update - Framing Time

In case you missed the first update post with house plans you can read it here.

We will continue to share our process with you and can’t wait to share with you some amazing brands that we are partnering with for our new home. There is truly no place like home.


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  1. Wow that’s a lot of progress since your last update. I know you are excited. We are hoping to break ground in Fall and am nervous. I can’t wait. I’m excited to see your continued progress. Happy New Year.

  2. So exciting! I built a couple of houses in Florida and it’s always exciting to see it come along. They really did make a whole lot of progress in a very quick time. Always a good thing. We found housing projects would get behind because of weather conditions. Look forward to seeing your finished house!

  3. Wow! What a great update on the progress of the house. From the framing I can tell the house is going to be beautiful. Looks like a ton of room for your family. I would love to do a custom build one day. On our list of goals for the future. THanks for the update!

  4. That’s so exciting! It’s incredible how fast construction is going on your home. We did a remodel/addition a few years ago and it took 7 months. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

  5. Oh wow, everything is surely slowly coming into place! I can absolutely just imagine how exciting this time must be for you. I’m just renting my own apartment now but I can already imagine the joy I feel once I have a family and build our own house. Anyhow, for you guys: all the best in everything for your house!

  6. When we built onto our home a few years ago it was so exciting to see what the builders had accomplished each day. Those first few days it goes slow, then you really start seeing progress and then it seems as if everything slows down again when you’re working on all of the details inside. What a beautiful view!!

  7. Oh wow! What an incredible process to be able to watch and see! I’ve never seen a house built from the ground up and I can only imagine seeing my own home being built that way. Such memories to be able to have!

  8. How exciting to watch your own house get built! We recently bought our own home and that was exciting enough. I can’t even imagine how exciting it would be to build and design one from the ground up!

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