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4 Must Have Bathroom Items for Your New Home

4 Must Have Bathroom Items for Your New Home. As we built our new home last year, we really spent time focusing on all of the things that we wanted to include.  This list includes 4 Must-Have Bathroom Items for Your New Home that we know will make it an oasis.  A new home includes so many unique needs, but the bathroom can be not just functional, but an amazing place to enjoy.  Let us help you make that happen.

4 Must-Have Bathroom Items for Your New Home

Luxury bathroom fixtures are a must.  As we planned with our builder, I knew that I wanted something that was more than just a functional place to take care of daily tasks.  Adding a bit of beauty and luxury was a must, and these are the musts I included on my list for the builder.

Efficient Toilet

I hate cleaning my toilet, so I knew that I wanted one that would help make that a less frequent task.  The TOTO’s Drake II 1G high-efficiency Toilet with the Tornado Flushing System was just what I wanted.  It is much more efficient while also being a beautiful piece in the bathroom.  More efficient means I pay less for my water bill and have fewer struggles keeping it clean.

Durable fixtures

Durability is a must.  Scrimping to save money when the building will always end up in more expenses down the road.  This goes for things like light switches and light fixtures, right down to the sink, faucet, and even the toilet paper holder on the wall.  Durability is a must. You want this to last the test of time, and of course, being used by a tween and teenager.

The larger bathtub

If you think you “might” want that tub to be larger down the road, then you probably will. A larger soaker bathtub is almost always going to be a great addition to your bathroom.  TOTO offers amazing options that fit any budget and size need, all while being backed by a brand you trust.

Handheld showerhead

This is a little addition to your bathroom that truly makes a huge difference.  Adding this handheld shower head right away is a must.  You never know when you will want this down the road, and it is a luxury bathroom addition that is never regretted.  I recommend checking out the options from TOTO that offer multiple settings.  Whether you need a strong spray to help soothe stressed muscles or the rain spray that is soft and gentle for a simple quick shower, they have something to suit your needs.

Updating or building a new home is always an undertaking that can be frustrating.  Using these tips and ideas for must-haves for your bathroom will totally revitalize your home and make your bathroom a luxury oasis you look forward to spending time in when needed in the future.

Disclosure: We received TOTO products for our new home.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. Having a hand-held shower made bathing so much easier while recuperating from having a baby. I am still using it five years later. I also enjoy having a larger bathtub. Not most people like to take long hot baths, but I do.

  2. What a gorgeous room. I agree these items make all the difference. I have always wanted a larger bathtub. I wish we had the room for it. I’ve even considered moving a wall to shorten the bedroom next to our bathroom just to enlarge the space for it. I also really like your color choices. Very nice.

  3. I have some kids that just seem to always plug up the toilet. I’ve been building up some massive biceps using the plunger lately fixing their messes. So that Tornado Flushing System is at the top of my checklist for bathroom renovations for our house!

  4. For one that toilet somhow looks so fancy and the tank looks small. For two, I agree with the hand held showerhead. I love when I can really give my hair a good rinse and it definitely helps with cleaning the tub. It is also a must for washing my kid’s hair.

  5. What I love most is that we have not had a single clogged toilet in a year! Unbelievable! And those heated toilet seats. It makes traveling sad because we miss our toilet seats THAT much! Love TOTO!

  6. Wow! Your bathroom is gorgeous! We are getting ready to remodel so I am going to check out these toilets with the tornado flush system!

  7. Nothing like that hand-held shower head against the shoulder and back muscles after a long day or a workout at the gym. We got one as well and although we usually use it as a “shower” on those days that I need to release some muscle tension, they really do help. We also set-up a bath tub so we can bathe the kids – without it, we would be doomed.

  8. I am a pretty basic person when it comes to the bathroom, however I am 6 ft tall, I want a nice big tub and a shower with a good amount of space. I also like having a hand held shower head, esp if it comes with different settings. I’m totally loving your bathroom set up!

  9. Very much informative. As I’m thinking about building of my new bathrooms it will be great to follow your idea. Thanks a lot for your valuable info.

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