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Unique Bathroom Shelving Ideas

As we make plans for our new home, I am already looking for some fun and Unique Bathroom Shelving Ideas.  I love knowing that I get to start from scratch in a new home, so I am embracing all the fun ideas I have seen over the years to find just what will work in each of our bathrooms.

Home Decor Ideas: Check out our tips for the best Unique Bathroom Shelving Ideas!Unique Bathroom Shelving Ideas

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Wire basket shelving:  These are some of my favorite options since they are very farmhouse style oriented.  There are tons of different wire baskets you can use as shelves, or specific ones designed to be shelving.  I love the idea of using areas that might not normally fit a shelf, to hang wire baskets in various sizes.  They are ideal for holding things like toilet paper, washcloths, towels, and extra toiletries or even pictures.

Some of my favorites:

Hidden storage shelving:  You may have seen some ideas for hidden storage shelves that are thin and wide but slide easily behind doors or beside appliances.  I love the idea of using an old barn door to hide a slimline shelving unit.  Here is an example on Hometalk of a hidden storage cabinet idea that would be ideal for small spaces.

Floating shelves: Floating shelves are a favorite option for those who don’t want typical cabinetry or shelving with doors.  They can fit in any space and are easy to use for everything from towels to Knick knacks.

Some of my favorites: 

Over the toilet shelving: There are tons of options for over the toilet shelving.  I love knowing the empty space above the toilet doesn’t have to be wasted.  From open shelving to those with easy close doors, there are tons of easy to find over the toilet shelving options out there.

Some of my favorites: 

These are simple ideas that help make your bathroom easier to manage and store everything you wish in your new home or simply in an updated bathroom.

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Home Decor Ideas: Check out our tips for the best Unique Bathroom Shelving Ideas!

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