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Breakfast Nook Window Seat

Breakfast Nook with Window Seat

We love our Breakfast Nook with Window Seat. Today I am sharing with our breakfast nook.  This is probably the most treasured room in my house.  This was my Aunt Ida’s Kitchen Table.  It was a piece of furniture that was used daily. I ate many meals there myself with her.  My Aunt Ida was married and had one son.

Breakfast Nook with Window Seat:

This table was perfect for them because as a family of three they enjoyed meals at the table and three chairs. When I was moving into my new home this table found a new home.  It is perfect because as a family of three it fits us perfectly too.   With my niece and parents coming to visit us so often we decided to have a window seat built to place in front of the window.

Breakfast Nook with Window Seat

The built-in window seat not only serves the purpose of being able to seat several guests it also serves as kitchen storage.  I have small kitchen appliances and items that I didn’t want to part with but don’t use on a daily basis stored away inside the window seat.

This is perfect for us because it gives us the extra seating that we need plus it gives us extra storage for our kitchen. It is a win/win for sure. My son loves to sit on the window seat.  In fact I am planning to order a nice thick cushion for the top to make it a little more comfy.  This window seat cost little to make with just some lumber and paint.

Breakfast Nook with Window Seat

The light above my kitchen table is just as priceless to me.  This was my Aunt Ida’s dining room light.  It is an antique oil lamp that she had wired for an electric light.  This had been hanging in my parent’s basement because they didn’t have a place to hang in in their house.

When my mom suggested that I hang it in our new home I was so excited.  It is absolutely perfect.  Our electrician re-wired the light and hung it with care.  What is even more special to me is that this window overlooks fairway #2, which is where my Aunt Ida made her hole in one shot at the Berea Country Club.

Breakfast Nook with Window Seat

Finally, the perfect addition to our dining room is this Cow Print called “Moo Cow”.  I got it from Minted.com.  It is framed in barn wood and is absolutely my favorite.  My Dad has a farm and runs cattle on it and so without a doubt this is a nod to him.  What I love about the artwork from Minted is that you can select it with or without a frame and you can select the frame style of your choice. It gives you an awesome tool to be able to design and preview your art too.

I also have my Granny’s Butter Churn in the corner of the room.  I have fond memories of playing with this as a child. She gave it to me before she passed away and it is one of my most treasured keepsakes.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our Breakfast Nook.  If you have a window in your kitchen I highly encourage you to consider adding a window seat.  It is perfect for storage and extra seating.

Disclosure:  Minted.com provided me the artwork for this space.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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