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How To Make Your Bedroom An Oasis

Do you realize that you need to make your bedroom an oasis in your home? These tips for How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis are a must for our new home. Making your bedroom a place of comfort, peace, and relaxation is something we all need. For every family, this is a different thing, but for me, it is all about being beautiful, functional, and of course, peaceful.

Bedroom Oasis is a great way to turn your bedroom into a place you long to relax in each day! Check out our tips to get started!

How To Make Your Bedroom An Oasis

Remove distractions. We have all been guilty of falling asleep watching a movie in bed. Many even fall asleep on their phones or tablet. These can be distractions that prevent your bedroom from truly being the oasis you need and want it to be. One of the best things I can recommend for making your bedroom an oasis is to leave the electronics out of your room.

Instead, make your bedroom a place to simply rest and sleep. This means that when you go to bed, you are not going to have your brain popping over flashing lights on the TV, notifications on your phone, or those appealing games on your tablet. If you just must have a TV in your bedroom, invest in a wardrobe or entertainment center that has a door so you can shut it off and shut the door to it and keep it out of your mind.

Create a corner for prayer and meditation. I love the idea of having a nook in my bedroom to start my day with some prayer or quiet time. A window seat, corner chair, or even a special nook in a corner with a sofa, pillows, or a hammock are all fun ideas. This is a great way to relax in the morning to focus and sip your coffee before the day begins. It can also be a sanctuary to come and regroup on tough days.

I love the idea of keeping my journal, Bible, Bible study, and a few good books in this area. You may also like to keep things like yarn to knit, embroidery projects, or similar items in a craft basket to work on as a way to calm and restore after a long day.

Invest in functional furniture you love. It’s time to get rid of the lumpy mattress. Invest in a good comfortable bed and bedroom set that you truly love. These will make your bedroom functional for sleep, as well as storage of clothing, books, and other items. If you can’t afford to invest all at once, start with one item at a time until you have a bedroom that suits your needs.

This could include night stands with drawers that lock for storing items you want little hands to stay away from when you are away. It may be a nice closet organization unit. A larger entertainment center or even that comfy chair for your reading corner can all be part of the furniture you need.

Choose the right colors. Lighter colors or neutral warm colors tend to be the most soothing, but if you need to be energized, a bright color scheme may be for you. Choose the colors you need to feel like your bedroom is an oasis. This can be anything from white with simple colorful accents to a full theme of the farmhouse rustic style.

These tips are ideal for helping you to make your bedroom an oasis that you long to come home to at the end of the day.

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Bedroom Oasis is a great way to turn your bedroom into a place you long to relax in each day! Check out our tips to get started!

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