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How To Deep Clean Your Home In 7 Days

You know that keeping a clean house is a must, but it can also be a frustration.  These tips for How to Deep Clean You Home In 7 Days are just what you need to start your new year of right.  You can easily get your home orderly and super clean with simple steps.  Each day you’ll have something to conquer that is easy to manage, and in the end, you’ll find you’ve deep cleaned and have your home in tip-top shape.

Make your life easier with our tips for How To Deep Clean Your Home In 7 Days! These tips are ideal for a great home cleaning system that will be stress free!

How To Deep Clean Your Home In 7 Days

Day 1: Declutter every room.  Take time to walk through every room and pick up clutter.  This includes items that aren’t in the right room, trash, and broken items.  I love using an empty laundry basket to gather up items that don’t belong as I go through each room.  I can then put them back as I walk through the house.  Whatever is left is either trash or belongs to someone else and needs to be returned.  That means it needs to be put in the car or elsewhere anyway.

Day 2:  Purge closets.  One of the biggest deep cleaning tasks is to purge items that aren’t wanted or needed.  Our closets are the biggest task, so I try to get these done early in the week.  I do this with everyone involved if possible.  If not, I start with kids first and work my way back to my closet.

When purging closets, I follow the rule of throwing away items that are stained or torn that cannot be repaired and donating items that no longer fit or have not been worn within the last year or last season.  It’s hard sometimes since I know I have often purchased items and then not worn them as much as I planned, but I often realize I need to get rid of items and simplify my routine.

You can easily donate items to help others, or bag items up to then sell on eBay, at a yard sale, or even in local Facebook swap shops.

Day 3:  Switch out seasonal items if applicable. Depending on when you do your deep clean, you may want to do some seasonal switch ups.  This can be changing out clothing, linens, decorations, or even some rearranging of furniture.  This day is a day to move things around from the basement, attic, or just the linen closets.  Whatever your needs are for switching out those random items, use day 3 to take care of this.

Day 4:  Clean the higher items.  If you have banisters, high shelves, ceiling fans, and windows that don’t get dusted often, this is the time to take care of those items.  Grab the dusting cloths, Swiffer Sweeper, and other tools to tackle these items.  I also recommend using this time to wipe down walls and to grab the cobwebs that may be creeping around corners.  I use my Swiffer for those higher places I can’t reach, and for wooden molding use a bit of Murphy’s Oil on a cloth to shine things up a bit.

Day 5: Clean the lower items. After all the work you did on Day 4, you should be ready to not only vacuum up the dust from the day before but also go along those baseboards and similar items.  Day 5 is a day to go room from room to clean the lower items. This is a day to sweep up under beds and furniture, vacuum underneath things, and wipe down the lower half of tables and chairs to get those things you missed the day before.

Day 6: Clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Nobody likes cleaning the bathrooms, so a lot of times we do just the basics.  This deep clean of your house is a must.  This means getting to the bottom of the toilet and behind it to get that dust and those splashes we avoid.  You will also want to clean around the bottom of cabinets.  It’s a time to throw out empty bottles of cleaners, perhaps throw out the toilet brush and buy a new one, as well as scrub out the soap scum in the bathtub.

In the kitchen, it is time to do not just a clean out of the refrigerator but to actually remove shelving and thoroughly sanitize everything.  This will take time but is well worth it for you to make sure that the place you are storing your food is truly safe and clean.  I also recommend making sure you go through things like condiments and throw away anything that is expired or nearing expiration.  Cleaning your oven, as well as dusting under and around the cabinetry is a great thing to do in your deep cleaning on this day as well.

Day 7: Do the finishing touches.  This day you will want to drop off donations, sort items to list for sale, and even do final cleanup like vacuuming or rearranging in final rooms.  Walk through the house to make sure you’ve managed everything you had planned, and make a list of anything broken or in need of further attention.

If you have the right help from your family, it is easy to deep clean your house in only 7 days!

Make your life easier with our tips for How To Deep Clean Your Home In 7 Days! These tips are ideal for a great home cleaning system that will be stress free!




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  1. I know typically people do a good deep clean in spring, but I think it should be done a couple of times a year. Great tips and timeline, thanks for sharing!

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