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How To Maximize a Small Bathroom and Make It Feel Luxurious


While we built our home new recently, we know all too well how it can be to deal with a smaller home. These tips for How To Maximize a Small Bathroom and Make It Feel Luxurious are going to help make your small space easier than ever to manage. A small bathroom can still become an oasis in your home. A few small additions to your home can make the space open up beautifully for a luxury retreat.

How To Maximize a Small Bathroom and Make It Feel Luxurious

A small bathroom can be the perfect addition to a home. Whether you are turning an existing space into an extra bathroom or you are remodeling your existing bathroom doesn’t matter. The space can easily become the oasis of luxury you desire no matter the size.

Choose pieces that open up the space

A pedestal sink is a great option for a small bathroom. The Guinevere 27″ Pedestal Lavatory is our favorite addition to a small bathroom. It provides all of the function you desire while allowing an open floor plan. Without the cabinets that are typical under a sink, you have more space in your bathroom. Using storage baskets, outside closets, or wall shelving can open up the space easily to make it feel like a luxury bathroom.

Add luxury fixtures to your smaller space

A small shower can feel luxurious when you add in a Guinevere Showerhead. The gentle flow of water provides the shower everyone longs for after a hard day at work. Adding in your favorite luxury shower gel can create a shower experience you’ll want to repeat daily.

The addition of a bidet in the Vespin II 1G Connect+ & Washlet S350e Two-Piece Toilet – 1.0 GPF doesn’t take up any extra space in your bathroom but adds that luxury you desire. A clean bathroom experience always elevates the room, and still respects the space that you have on hand.

Connect the design theme with the rest of your home

A small bathroom doesn’t need to have a ton of extras to be beautiful. Connecting the design theme throughout your home includes colors and tile styles. It doesn’t have to include a ton of extras that take up space. By simply incorporating simple style additions like the color scheme, accent pieces, and similar fixtures, you can connect the small bathroom to your home without adding bulk.

Small spaces feel like they are harder to design, but the reality is they take so much less to make beautiful. A few small things like paint color, door knobs, faucets, and towel colors can pull together a room in minutes on any budget.

Disclosure: We received TOTO products for our new home.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. Our master bath is small and these are great ways to make it feel luxurious. We are building a new home soon and the master bath will be much larger.

  2. I always joke with my husband that we have the worlds smallest bathroom I think ideas like this will definitely help make it feel a lot bigger!

  3. I have a bathroom that looks just like this that could use some remodeling! I love that huge walk in shower.

  4. I think a pedestal sink is a great way to spiffy up a bathroom and works really well for small spaces. We put one in our powder room and it made a world of difference in helping to open up the area a little more.

  5. These are some great tips to maximize a small bathroom. I love the idea of being able to make a small bathroom feel more luxurious! I am going to keep these tips for when we get into a house.

  6. I love all these ideas. We have one bathroom that is smaller like this. It’s one of the rooms we plan to fix up too.

  7. Our bathroom is small and we really didn’t get a chance to decorate or think about it’s theme. I think it needs some love and make over. Thank you for these tips!

  8. I love the look of a pedestal sink. You’ve shared some great tips to help make a small bathroom feel luxurious.

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