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How to prepare for a colonoscopy

I wanted to share with you how to prepare for a colonoscopy. I survived my first colonoscopy! I am sharing this because early detection is the key. Did you know you are supposed to get your first one at age 45 now? I had no idea! I thought it was 50! It used to be, but they moved it to 45.

How to prepare for a colonoscopy

I had been kicking this can down the road because I didn’t want to do it. Then, my friend who I graduated from high school with had a bad first colonoscopy and I decided not to kick the can. Luckily my results were good! No polyps and negative biopsy. But I thought what better way to spread awareness than to write about it! Your best chance of survival is early detection so don’t just do the colon guard and don’t kick the can down the road. Schedule your colonoscopy today!

How to prepare for a colonoscopy

I spoke to the nurse at my Dr’s office, and she suggested the following to make the process as easy as possible.

Number one. Stop eating red meat a week before your procedure. I know that sounds strange but red meat is harder to digest so it is best to keep a beef free diet the week before.

Number two. Try a liquid diet an additional day prior to your prep. I decided to do protein shakes and soups.

Number three: Follow your Dr’s prep exactly! Mine had me eliminate all seeds, nuts, rice, corn, granola, coconut, fresh fruit with seeds as well as all liquids that are red, blue and purple for three days prior to the procedure.

Number four. Stay hydrated. The nurse told me this is the key to success and will make the process a lot easier on you. I drank SmartWater and that helped keep my hydrated and feeling good.

I am happy to share that it went well, I had no polyps or issues, and my biopsy came back normal! Now I don’t have to do it again for ten years unless I have any issues!

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