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Tips for Frugally Fabulous Children’s Birthday Parties


Tips for Frugally Fabulous Children’s Birthday Parties

You’re invited to a birthday party that will make memories without breaking the bank. In our house birthday parties are one of our favorite days, especially since with 5 little ones it is a day that’s just for them. Every year I feel like Summer is the “birthday season” because our kiddos’ birthdays are in May, June, July, Sept, and Oct and all this birthday fun leads to a lot of excitement and memories but unfortunately can also lead to a big birthday bill.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, or if you are just planning for one little one, the tips and tricks shared in this post, and themed posts to follow, will keep your birthday parties high on fun and low on cost.

Tips for Frugally Fabulous Children’s Birthday Parties:

Always be prepared for your upcoming birthday parties by starting a BIRTHDAY BOX and fill it with clearance finds and seasonal items when they are at their lowest price, typically AFTER the holiday is over. I always make sure to scan the clearance isle at the department store for any party items or items that can be re-purposed for birthday parties. I also check the dollar store party isle frequently. The themed materials there change often but if it is a theme I know one of the kiddos would like I will pick the items up and store them in the BIRTHDAY BOX.

When it was time for my son’s 2nd birthday I knew I had what I needed in my BIRTHDAY BOX. He was crazy about all kinds of sports so I knew he would love a sports party. After the Superbowl I picked up cupcake toppers, a football shaped cake pan, decorations, plates and football buckets to use for his party, all on clearance price and stored them until his birthday in September.

Another great time to pick up items at a very low cost that can be used for parties throughout the year is NOW. School supplies are on sale right now for the school year but the same supplies can be used for many party themes throughout the year. Have an artist in the family? Stock up on crayons, colored pencils and other items and each guest can go home with their own set of art materials in their gift bag.

One item I never pass up on clearance is face paint. I can find it for as low as $.10 after Halloween and we use it throughout the year for almost all our parties.  Face paint is a quick and easy way to transform all your birthday party guests into fairies, superheros, or wild animals.

Another great way to get the most memories for your money is when thinking about themes. If you and your child chooses a currently popular cartoon character supplies and decorations will be much more expensive. However, go with a theme that is more general like sports, artists, princess, or race cars and you will be able to find materials, decorations and supplies for much less. Still have a little one that has their heart set on an Angry Birds party, like my oldest boys wanted this year, I have you covered with some tips to do popular themes for less in an upcoming post.

I hope these ideas help you think about those clearance and dollar store finds a little differently and seeing the potential for your upcoming birthday parties. Everyone start filling up those birthday boxes and watch for the next posts in our frugally fabulous birthday party series with themes and more tips and tricks.

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  1. These tips are great. I also like to check after holidays(Valentine’s day, etc.) to get plain colored paper items. They can be used for parties and/or you can mix and match the colors, too. thx

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