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Candlelight Strings Quartet Experience

Candlelight Strings Quartet Experience

The Candlelight Strings Quartet Experience immerses you in an enchanting ambiance where romance and soothing melodies of beautiful music unite!  My husband and I really needed a date night, and this was like no other.  The quartet’s interpretation and their ability to express the depth of emotions through their instruments was absolutely beautiful and very romantic!

Candlelight Strings Quartet Experience

This Candlelight Strings Quartet Experience was a tribute to Taylor Swift.  You do not have to like her music to be memorized by this quartet. My husband joined me, and he is not a “swifty”, but you don’t have to be to completely enjoy this experience. When the concert was over, I asked him what he thought about the experience as a whole. His exact words were “I enjoyed the experience, but I loved seeing you so excited and the smile it brought to your face.” I left this venue in the greatest mood and was so moved by the emotive power of these string instruments breathing new life into pop creations.  It was simply amazing!  If you are interested in these candlelight concerts visit Feverup!

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