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How To Satisfy Food Cravings In Healthy Ways

This week in our 52 Weeks to Wellness we are going to look at that one area that is really tough for us to overcome.  How To Satisfy Food Cravings in Healthy Ways is something that everyone needs to understand as they begin a health journey.  Two months into the year you are already seeing progress, but you may be discouraged by the fact that you have limited your food intake so much.  Cravings for things like chocolate, salty snacks and more can quickly overcome you and create a disaster in your diet.  One mishap can really shift your focus when you are struggling.  This week we plan to help you know what foods will help you to overcome your cravings.

How To Satisfy Food Cravings In Healthy Ways

How To Satisfy Food Cravings in Healthy Ways?

Substitute a healthy option with similar texture or taste.  We have a wealth of healthy Weight Watchers recipes that can help you to satisfy that craving in a healthier way.  Some methods are to substitute things like pickles for salty snacks, and fresh fruit for sweet snacks.  That doesn’t always help when you are craving a donut, chocolate or a juicy steak.  However, it can make huge difference when you have better options on hand.  If you tend to crave sweets, then find low calorie options and have on hand Invest the time to prepare healthy muffins, cakes and cookies you can feel good about indulging in.  Keep veggies, pickles, pretzels and things like hummus on hand for when you need a crunchy or salty snack.

Understand the reason behind your cravings.  While a lot of cravings are emotional or circumstantial, there are real medical reasons our bodies crave specific items.  This article on Lifehack shares the specific things that can cause some of our cravings.  For women things like PMS truly do come with specific cravings that reflect things their body needs.  Everything from a lack of calcium to a lack of magnesium can be reflected in how and what our body craves.

Always be prepared.  One of the biggest things to remember is to always be prepared for a craving to hit.  Have snacks on hand, in your home, at your desk or in your car that are great for your cravings.  Things like fat free pretzels, fresh fruit, no sugar added fruit strips, pickles, low fat string cheese and hummus are top picks to conquer and satisfy cravings for low calories and low point values.

As you continue on your journey to health this year, remember to keep your focus on the big picture.  There will be times when you stumble, but you don’t have to fail.  Every day is a chance to start over and get back on track, but these ideas are there to help you stay on track with ease.

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