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Best Ab Exercises For Women

Best Ab Exercises for Women. With bathing suit season officially here, many are concerned about their midsection.  If you are devoted to losing weight and firming up your mid-section for your bathing suit, we have gathered what are known to be the best ab exercises for women.  These tips will not guarantee a flat stomach, but along with diet and consistent cardio exercise, they can help to reshape your abdomen for a flatter stomach and trimmer waistline.

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Best Ab Exercises for Women

Crunches:  This classic exercise involves laying on your back with knees bent.  Using abdominal muscles let your upper body up effectively “crunching” the abdomen.  This is similar to the classic sit-up but is much easier on the back and focuses more on the abs versus the back.  It is also much easier to accomplish for most who have back pain or excessive abdominal weight to lose. These are usually done in sets of 15-25 crunches 2-3 times.

Planking:  If you’ve seen the planking phenomenon, there is a good reason.  This exercise which balances your weight on your forearms and toes is accomplished by having a strong core.  Planking is an amazing way to strengthen and tone your midsection and help tone your abs. Many begin with just a 30-second plank and work their way up to 5-minutes or more at a time.

Leg Lifts:  You might think that leg exercises are only good for leg strength.  Actually, your lower abdomen does a lot of work when lifting your legs.  Lay flat on your back with legs slightly elevated a few inches off the ground.  Using your abdominal muscles, hold that position as you lift first one leg then the other up and down.  Keep legs straight focusing on your lower abdomen for strength to hold them elevated as you lift.  Start with just 5 leg lifts per side and increase to 15-25.

Pelvic lifts:  Lay on your back with knees bent.  Slowly lift your lower abdomen and pelvis and hold.  Do this holding for 15 seconds at a time and making sure your back remains flat on the ground.  Do 15-25 sets 2-3 times.  This will strengthen the lower abdomen and core.

Side Twists:  The sides of your abdomen are often what we refer to as the muffin top.  The oblique muscles can be exercised and help tone by lying flat on your back and doing a modified crunch.  Instead of crunching straight up, crunch twisting to the sides.  Do 15 sets per side, alternating right to left.

These are some of the best ab exercises for women to help tone and strengthen the abs and core.  Start doing these great exercises today for a sleek waist in your bathing suit this season!

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