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How To Create A Design Statement of a New Bathroom

Want to know How to Create a Design Statement of a New Bathroom. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in my home, however, at least for me, it seems to be one of the hardest to decorate. I have a specific look in mind but, functionally it just doesn’t make sense. That is why I am thankful to have found TOTO products. The product line really helped me design my bathrooms by selecting a theme for each space.  Regardless of if you want a traditional, modern or transitional design TOTO will have a product to suite your needs.

How To Create A Design Statement of a New Bathroom

Why Remodel Your Bathroom

There are many reasons to remodel. It can be simply just because you want a new sink or, maybe you want to update the whole bathroom. Another reason could be that you want to make your bathroom more functional. No matter your reason you should consider TOTO Products.

About TOTO

TOTO Products have been paving the way for bathroom designing and remodeling since 1917. TOTO makes it a point to always be ahead of the game when it comes to high-performance, high-design products.

Designing Your Bathroom

TOTO carries sinks, faucets, toilets, shower heads, and accessories, making it very easy to find everything you need in one place. TOTO makes it easy to pick the pieces that make your bathroom the dream you envisioned but also remain functional. Whether you want just one statement piece in the bathroom or, you want them all to be statement pieces TOTO has you covered.

Inclusive Design Movement

Since the 1970s when the Universal Design movement began, TOTO has made it a point to not only make their products’ designs great (and ahead of the game) but, also to be inclusive for those who are aging or physically challenged. That is why TOTO helped pioneer the Inclusive Design Movement. TOTO makes it possible for those who need it to live a life with as little restrictions as possible, making it easier to be independent.

You can easily utilize the options available from TOTO to create a design statement that suits your needs and your personality. Whether you are preparing for a new home build and want a spa like setting, or you are designing a teenage boy his own bathroom, you can depend upon TOTO products to give you much needed quality, sleek design and ease of use.

Disclosure: We received TOTO products for our new home.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. I love your bathroom! I remodeled two of my bathrooms a couple of years ago and I believe my floor tiles in the master bath are just like yours. Love the whole look of your bathroom.

  2. We need a stand-out piece in our bathroom. Our bathroom needs an overhaul! Your shower looks beautiful. Some of these pieces from TOTO look amazing!

  3. Your bathroom makeover looks absolutely stunning. I am having New Bathroom Envy over here. Our bathroom is stuck in the 70s and in desperate need of a makeover.

  4. Definitely the bathroom is the smallest room of the house, but at the same time the most important and the most used! I love your tips! I need to try them!

  5. Right now, I am totally in love with our bathroom but once it times come for renovation, I will definitely keep TOTO in mind. I love how yours came out – looks amazing!

  6. Sounds like Toto is really giving a great products that perfect to the needs of their clients. I have plane to remodel our bathroom on this coming year and I will go and visit your place once we finalize the designs.

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