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Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It

Disney's Memory Maker

Everyone always asks me, Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It? I love the Disney Memory Maker!  How many times do you go somewhere and every picture is missing someone?  Disney Memory Maker makes sure everyone you want in the photo is!   I am featuring some of the special effect and ride photos from our trip.

Disney's Memory Maker

Disney Memory Maker:

Let me start by saying I love the Memory Maker.  I also know it’s not for everyone.  With the Memory Maker you will get professional quality pictures with a lot of fun effects.  Photo ops are unlimited and you can download every single picture! This means you can go to every Photo Pass located throughout Disney World and Disney Springs, as many times as you like.  If you have magicbands, they will scan one person in the party and within minutes you will be able to see them on your My Disney Experience.


Disney's Memory Maker


Photo Pass photographers will also take photos with your own camera or phone, if you ask them.  Some people like to pass paying for the Memory Maker and use their own cameras and phones.  I book the Memory Maker when booking my trip and I save $20.  Memory Maker makes it so easy to get quality vacation pics.


Disney's Memory Maker


With the Memory Maker you also get ride photos.  After the ride go to the screen with your photo on it and touch your magic band to it.  You can also touch your friends photos too! It sure beats paying for them, because they are expensive. I promise you will get some funny memorable photos from the rides.

So, Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It?  I think it is totally worth it, especially if it is your first trip! There are some pros and cons I want to share with you!

Pros and Cons of Disney’s Memory Maker

Pro’s – Great pictures, Special effects, all Ride photos, all Character Meet and Greet’s photos, several poses to choose from and you can get printed photos from the Photo Pass on Disney website.

Con’s – You can get same photo taken on your camera but no ride photos.  The cost is $169 (as of right now, could go up.) Waiting in line for some of the photo stops have a long line but if it is your first time you will probably wait anyway!

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