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Care Package Ideas For College Students

As a parent, I can only imagine how hard it will be when we send our son off to college. Being away from them and unable to see to their daily needs will be tough, but it isn’t impossible to give a little extra love from time to time. These Care Package Ideas for College Students are a perfect way to add some extra love to their day, while also providing for their needs on campus.

Care Package Ideas for College Students

Care Package Ideas for College Students:

As you shop for care package ideas, remember that they don’t have to cost a lot. It truly is the love and thought behind it that makes the biggest difference. A care package is all about helping your college student know they are loved and that you are thinking of them.

Care Package Ideas for College Students

Find what suits their personality

I begin creating any care package by thinking about the personality of the receiver. Obviously, for our young son, that would include specific foods, soccer-themed items, and maybe something special from home. For a teenage girl, it might be a gift card for special makeup or an old stuffed animal from home. Consider their unique personality because the ideas below aren’t always going to fit every person on your list.

Gift cards are always welcome

Money is tight for most college students, so a gift card is going to be a nice treat. Try to pick things they would want but wouldn’t budget for necessarily on their own. Perhaps a pricier restaurant or grocery store nearby, or for the girls a Sephora or Ulta gift card. Guys might prefer something like an XBox Live gift card or a gas station gift card. The possibilities are endless.

Send something homemade

If you know your child has a favorite cookie, bar, or meal that you can ship safely, make it and send their way! A little dry ice can keep a homemade lasagna frozen in shipping if you want to send your child a special meal that they love. When these types of treats aren’t possible, consider going homemade by sending them a handmade card, a knitted or crocheted item, or just adding a small item they left at home that might bring comfort.

Toiletries are always a hit

Toiletries can be expensive for young adults in college. They often go for the cheaper versions and well, those don’t necessarily work as well. Things like shaving gel, razors, deodorant, soaps, face masks, cologne, shampoo, and similar items may be a welcome addition to a care package. Bag them in large Ziploc bags for safety in shipping.

Team Spirit Clothing

Having a college t-shirt or hat to wear on campus is a must, but they too can be pricey. Arrange for sending your child a few pieces of clothing with school colors, or give them a gift card to the student store to buy some on their own. This is a great way to encourage them to have pride in their new school.

Sending care packages can be so much fun to do! Whether you fill it full of dollar store candy, or you send homemade chocolate chip cookies, your kids will love that you have thought of them while they are away from home!


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