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10 Items College Students Need for Back-to-School

Here are 10 Items College Students Need for Back-to-School. It is time for back to school!  Hard to believe that summer is coming to an end but it is true.  In fact many schools have already started.  This year my brother is headed to college!  How can it be??? We are so excited for him but also sad that he won’t be with us daily.  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes him.  As he was thinking of what to pack as he moved into the dorm I decided to come up with a list for College Students to help with with some of the things that he may not consider on this own.  In my opinion these items will help him as he adjusts to college life.

10 Items College Students Need for Back-to-School:

  1.  A good water bottle.  Staying hydrated is so important.  I love this new LifeProof ™ glass water bottle by Anchor Hocking.  Glass water bottles are my go to but finding a strong one that won’t break is important.  This one is up to 100% stronger than regular glass it is break-resistant. Seriously you can drop it on concrete and it won’t break!  With zero plastic this glass bottle is up for the test!  It has a BPA free silicone sleeve.  Best of all it is designed for both hot and cold. So you enjoy a hot cup of coffee and then switch to water later in the day.  It is also leak proof, easy to carry and dishwasher safe.  All important for college students!
  2. Help with sleep.  Earplugs are a must for college students but so is essential oils.  They can use a few drops at night to help them relax and get better sleep.  GuruNanda has come out with four new essential oil aromatherapy blends that, when used with an ultrasonic diffuser, offer specific health benefits from better sleep and more energy to better respiratory health and even weight loss.  The question you probably have is DO THEY REALLY WORK???  The answer is YES!  This is perfect for college students!  Even if they don’t want to diffuse the oils they can apply to their bed sheets!  These 100% natural blends are a wonderful way to improve your well-being at-home, without even having to think about it.   At $7.99 each, they won’t break the bank, and they’re available in the pharmacy section of Walmart nationwide.  Blends include: SLIM, THRIVE, BREATH EASY and CALMING SLEEP. 
  3. Preparing Their Own Food.  For many college students they have access to a dorm kitchen or they moving into an apartment.  The Calphalon Classic Cookware is great for helping the healthy eating habits of young adults as they enter college. A recent survey by College Magazine Online found that some of the foods favored by college students include chips, cookies, chicken nuggets, French fries and cereal. To help students skip the Easy Mac, and to give parents some peace of mind, Calphalon is giving students the quality tools they need to make the right choices in the kitchen by offering $50 off popular cookware essentials in the Calphalon Classic Collection
  4. Lap Top Bag and Stand.  Your college student is going to need a bag or backpack to carry their laptop in.  What you might not think about is considering a stand for them to use too.  Check out StandStand.com.  It is perfect for lifting the computer so that you don’t have back strain or poor posture.  It is also perfect for use on the go.  Check this out because college students spend hours on their laptops and this is the perfect addition for your student. 
  5. Sleek phone case.  My brother actually has one of these phone cases and he LOVES it.  Not only does the genuine leather phone cases look nice, it is useful too.  Perfect for Apple and Samsung phones. They now also have some new leather case and TPU dual layer back cases for Galaxy S8 and S8+ as well. All of their cases are quality, stylish and durable. The 3-in-1 leather cases can function as phone case, wallet and kickstand at the same time. Trust me your college student will love this case! 
  6. Earbuds.  Seriously your college student needs these  IFROGZ Wireless Earbuds – Charisma & Plugz .  They are affordable and they feature Bluetooth earbuds feature an innovative wireless hub that magnetically clips to your shirt collar, so phone and music controls are easily within reach, without a bulky module tugging on one side. The hub’s magnetic storage clip also conveniently secures the earbuds when not in use – no more tangled wires, no more lost earbuds! Additional features include: Sweat-resistant design, up to 10 hours of battery life and more.  Plus they are affordable at $29.99. 
  7. Wireless Headphones.  My brother loves these IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones.  He listens to music all of the time.  For music lovers on a budget, the IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones are a stylish solution with rich, premium sound. Designed to free you from cords and wires, the Impulse headphones feature Bluetooth, up to 12 hours of battery life, and are foldable for backpack-friendly convenient storage. They feature: 40mm drivers, on-ear music and call controls, built-in mic for quick and easy calls on the go, 3.5mm audio jack option, AeroFoam ear pads provide comfortable listening and passive noise isolation.  They are available in white/tan and black/red and retail for only $59.99. 
  8. Cell Phone Protection.  We have these on all of our cell phones and it is the best “insurance” money can buy!  I am in LOVE with the InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe because it features a smooth, durable polycarbonate frame that provides edge-to-edge protection and helps eliminate chips and cracks.  If you have EVER dropped your phone (and who hasn’t) this is the best protection that I have found in terms of keeping the face of your phone from being damaged.  It has a smooth tempered glass surface provides maximum, high-definition image clarity and touch sensitivity.  It is designed in several colors that perfectly complement your phone: including Matte Black, Matte White, Rose Gold, Gold and Titanium.  It is available for the Apple® iPhone® 6/6s/7 and the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus.  Another great option is the InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense.  It is perfect for the butter fingers in your life, the Sapphire Defense screen protector includes new indestructible Defense Matrix technology and delivers 7X the shatter protection.  The Sapphire Fusion provides a smooth, glassy feel so you get unbeatable scratch protection as smooth as glass.  It is the first of its kind.  It is developed with advanced aerospace-grade technology, Sapphire Defense incorporates the clean, clear, protection of tempered glass.   Best of all if your Sapphire Defense gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of the device.  That is so important when it comes to college students because they are rough on their phones! 
  9. A Hammock.  My brother has one and LOVES it!  He and his friends keep them in their cars or back packs and use them to “hang out” in.  This summer they have enjoyed so many adventures and keeping their hammock handy gives them something to relax “in” wherever they may go.  I think this is a must have item for college students.  Check out these awesome hammocks at Grand Trunk.  They are made with 100% Parachute Nylon, they have triple stretching and have an attached stuffed sack for easy carrying.   Also check out Grand Trunk’s new Junior Hammocks for your younger kids.   They have three to choose from including Rising Stars, Elefunks and Safari.  Don’t have trees? Expand the hanging horizons as a family with the Hangout Hammock Stand. This is the latest addition to your Grand Trunk hammock tool belt so you’re able to fully enjoy all the luxuries life can bring! This super stand accommodates all size hammocks, holds up to 400 lbs, requires no tools for a simple setup! Be sure to bring a Grand Trunk Puffy Pillow for extra support and comfort! 
  10. LOVE.  I know this one is a given but this is a major time of adjustment for your college student.  Write them letters, send them with family photos, make their favorite cookies.  They want to be independent on on their own but they will be missing your home cooking, hugs and you being there.  I suggest making a huge triple batch of their favorite cookies for them to share.  A care package already mailed out will also be something that will make them smile when they check their post office box. These Almond Joy Cookies would be perfect! 

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