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How To Afford To Send Your Kids To Private School

These tips for How To Afford To Send Your Kids To Private School will make a huge difference in how you manage your finances to give our child the education you feel they deserve.  While public schools are great in so many areas and ways, there are instances where a private school education is truly better for your child.  To afford what may seem like a splurge to some, means you have to make changes in other areas of your budget.  These changes aren’t as difficult as you imagine, and these tips will help you manage.

How To Afford To Send Your Kids To Private School

How To Afford To Send Your Kids To Private School

Menu plan and streamline your grocery budget.  We give you great menu plans every week that are easy and frugal.  Take advantage of these and other menu items you already know you love to create healthy, budget friendly meals that everyone will enjoy.  By using sales on meats, produce and cooking meals from scratch you can easily create a budget increase of $100-$150 a month in no time.  This can easily pay for part of the monthly tuition.

Cut out expenses related to entertainment.  Skip the movies out, miniature golf or even cable and satellite television.  Instead choose a streaming service for television, and play board games or card games at home.  Focus on time together more than the expensive things you can do outside the home.  While you should still save for a family vacation, make it a closer location, shorter trip or use more discounts, coupons and rewards programs to save your bottom line.

Barter with the school.  Did you know that many private schools have work study programs, volunteer programs and even teacher discounts?  If you can volunteer to teach a class like art, music or even drama at the school, they may be willing to discount the tuition costs for you.  Older students may volunteer to help in the cafeteria, clean up classrooms or even tutor other kids for a discounted tuition rate.  It never hurts to reach out and ask.  Some private schools even offer tuition discounts if you are a member of the affiliated church or organization.

Take on a part time second job.  This one is the hardest to do, but for some it may be the only way to manage.  A second job will take you away from your family, but there are some great alternatives you can do online or from home.  Babysitting in your home, crafting and selling at local fairs and carnivals, or even blogging and writing as a freelancer are all easier to manage from home. Another idea is to sign up as a substitute school teacher.  This is a great way to work while your kids are in school.

These tips for how to afford to send your kids to private school are easy to implement into any routine and budget.

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  1. I have always planned on sending my kids to private school, but was always worried that the price would be a little out of my range. What I did not know is that you can barter with the schools. I was unaware that they might give my family a discount for volunteering to help out. I am going to have to go ask some local private schools if they have that option, thanks so much!

  2. My husband and I have been discussing our children’s education lately and we have decided that we want our two oldest to start attending private high schools. We have been worried about how we are going to pay for this, but I am glad to know that there are ways to decrease the costs. I hadn’t realized that it could be possible to barter with the school to lower the cost. Thank you for that tip, because I am now going to be calling the several local private schools and ask them if they have a work study or volunteer programs that could possibly help us out.

  3. I am thinking about sending my kids to a private school because I want them to have the best education possible. It has got to be tough trying to find out how to afford to send your kids to the school but there is always a way to get them to the right school. Can you really barter with schools to get them to lower the costs? That would be really nice and easier on your wallet.

    1. Yes, you really can! There are tons of positions at schools that you can offer to do in exchange for tuition or for a discount. Is worth asking and applying.

  4. We have three kids. This year I have to put my foot down. Somehow we have got to put our kids in private school. This is a huge step because we have all three in school. I was happy to say most offer a multiple child discount. Which will help since we will need before and after care since both of us work. I know this will be a struggle bur I think private school will help my children in so many ways. I put it God’s hand and pray! Thank you for this- it gives me hope!

    1. Our our private school they also offer a “cap” for multiple children. It is 4+ but it is not hopeless for larger families. That is where it needs to be. Give it to Him and see where you are led.

  5. I want to send my son to a private elementary school but I am nervous that I won’t be able to afford it. I like all your tips on how to afford sending kids to private school. I especially liked the tip about making a meal plan and having a budget for the grocery store. I will definitely have to try this out I am sure having a budget for groceries will save a lot of time and money from not going out to eat and knowing what we are going to have for dinners. Thanks for all the geat tips!

  6. A couple of my friends were able to afford private school because their parents taught there. I was very lucky to attend our school easily, and my school was very considerate of the financial needs of families that went there. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  7. I think what you had to say about cutting out extra expenses related to entertainment is really important when trying to save up some extra money. Just as you stated, skip some of the movie nights or miniature golf in order to send your kids to private school. My son is hoping to get a scholarship, which would help pay for a big chunk of it. Thanks again!

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