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Are you planning a Disney Vacation?

As you know we are planning a Disney Vacation.  I mentioned to you in my post that We Paid Cash For Our Disney Vacation I did some price comparing when it came to booking our trip.

Are you planning a Disney Vacation? We have tips to help you plan the BEST vacation!

Are you planning a Disney Vacation?

I priced through AAA, the Disney Website, by renting DVC points and through two Official Disney Travel Agents.  In the end the BEST price came back through Destinations in FL Travel.  I do want to say that we are affiliates with this agency however, it made NO bearing on which I would book through.

I honestly would buy through the lowest price and though Destinations in FL Travel told me they would beat any price I didn’t even have to tell them the prices because they came in lower.

Here are three posts that may help you if you are planning a Disney Vacation when it comes to strategy and ways to save!

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Another great Disney World planning tip comes from our reader Brooke.

When planning for our trip to Disney last August, it occurred to me that I could possibly purchase Disney gift cards from Kroger  to pay the deposit and balance for our trip. GAS POINTS! GAS POINTS! GAS POINTS! I checked with my WONDERFUL travel agent, Angela Foutz with Destinations in Florida, and she said absolutely!

Kroger carries a few different values of Disney gift cards, when purchasing one for a trip you’ll want to get one of the loadable cards ($1500 is the max for one card, but if your balance exceeds $1500 simply load money onto a 2nd card).

We are headed back to Disney in May and I have already saved a bit on gas by purchasing a gift card for my deposit ($400= 80 cents off per gallon) and will be back soon to get one to cover the balance ($1500= $1 off per gallon X 3!!!)  As if the planning and anticipation of a trip to Disney are not enough, the $1 off that I will get on 3 future fill ups will add to the magic!

Thanks so much for this great tip and also for confirming that Destinations in FL Travel ROCKS!

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  1. Great ideas. I enjoyed reading all the diff. ways these families have saved money to enjoy a typically higher priced vacation spot. Now, I’d love to read how diff. folks save on cruises.

  2. Great idea about purchasing the giftcards to get the gas points! This would be great for any trip you plan!

  3. If buying the gift cards at Kroger, and you have some time before your vacation, I’d wait and see if I could get them when Dillons (our Kroger affiliate) offers 4x points on gift card purchases. You could save BIG TIME on gas when you consider that every $250 you purchase would get you $1 off at the pumps!

  4. Great tips, have added the links to my favourites, when I plan on my Disney trip I will certainly return and re-read all the posts, thank you so much

  5. We went to Disney during spring break this year, won’t be going back for a few more. But always looking for tips to help save money!

  6. Jiff to go is great. I have used it many times. Using this for dipping apples is is just great!…… Take the Jiff to go on a family trip to the zoo bring your precut apples and you are ready for a good healthy snack.

  7. We are going to Key West in February(my best friend’s husband is stationed there). So of course I will go down and enjoy a free place to stay, free boat rides and the most awesome tour guide!!! I think in a couple years we might head back to Disney. Thanks for the extra tips!!

  8. We are planning a Disney vacation next year and your posts will truly help save more money for us! Thanks for all the helpful information and tips!

  9. I had never heard of the gift card idea before — definitely will have to look into it if we ever go there!

  10. Get the free DVD from Disney, read all these tips, talk to folks who have been there. It’s a great place to visit over and over. You can’t see it all in one trip.

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