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Aquarium Sensory Bottle

This little aquarium sensory bottle is such a fun project! It can be a sensory project for the little kids, a fun upcycled project for older kids, and even a unique room decoration for the teens.

aquarium sensory bottle  

DIY Aquarium Sensory Bottle

Kids can add different colored rocks or decorations and then a variety of different little fish to make it unique for their room. You don’t have to just use a fish! Add clams, crabs, a seahorse, or even an octopus. This reminds me of our trip to the All-Inclusive Waterpark at Beaches..

There are tons of cute little sea life toys that you can add to the bottle and create your own unique aquarium. These are cute to put on a shelf as a decoration or to play with and learn about the different textures and animals inside.

aquarium sensory bottle  

Supplies needed

– clear bottle with lid (we found this one for just a buck or so at Michael’s Craft Store
– water
– aquarium gravel in your choice of color
– small aquarium plant (found at craft or pet stores)
– small plastic or toy fish

aquarium sensory bottle  


1. Begin by adding the aquarium gravel to the bottle. You want to fill it about 1/4 of the way full with gravel of your choice.
2. Drop in the aquarium plant. You can use an actual plastic aquarium plant or a faux plant of your choice.
3. Now, place the toy fish in the bottle. If you have the room, feel free to add multiple fish!
4. Fill the bottle with water. You want to go ahead and fill it up to the brim.
5. Add the lid in place. If you wish, you can secure the lid to the bottle with super glue or hot glue. Allow it to dry.

aquarium sensory bottle  

Now, just give your aquarium sensory bottle a good shake and watch all of the contents come to life! If it gets a bit yucky or moldy, just dump everything into the sink and wash then start over! So easy and fun to make! Be sure to check out these additional educational indoor activities for kids.

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  1. This sounds like such a great DIY for kids, sensory toys seem to be something that is becoming more and more popular and it is understandable why.

  2. I used to love making these sorts of toys with my daughter when she was growing up. Brings back such great memories.

  3. This is such a fun idea! I love sensory bottles and half wish I had known about them when our middle was younger, I had to be more creative with outlets for his meltdowns/feelings etc. He is now 14 and can better handle his sensory overloads, for the most part, but these would have been so helpful back in the younger years, as it probably would have alleviated some of my time involved in researching methods and such to calm him.

  4. This looks like such a fun activity for kids. My kiddos would have loved this when they were younger.

  5. This is a really cute idea! My kids would love this, as they love any kind of water related sensory activity.

  6. This is a very cute activity for kids. I think they would enjoy taking part in creating it as well – anything involving water, right? Very fun!

  7. I love sensory bottles and this aquarium themed one is so cute. I imagine it would provide hours of fun.

  8. This is really neat. I love sensory bottles. I know kids especially have a lot of fun with them. I’ve never made them, but we’ve had them before. I really love this one and I may be making it for my daughters.

  9. Wow so cute! fun to make with my kids. They’ll be having to spend time doing something fun now. Thanks for this! I’ll try to do this with my kids.

  10. This is such a fun quarantine project! I am going to make one with my daughter, I know she will love it.

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