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How to Finger Knit


How to Finger Knit is easy and no tools needed!

How to Finger Knit is so easy even kids can do it. No tools are needed, just your fingers and yarn.  I love to make homemade gifts for Christmas, Birthdays or any special occasion and finger knitting is a great one to do.  It is quick and you can make a lot of scarves in no time!

How to Finger Knit

Setting Up the Weave:

Hold the yarn between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand. The tail should be on the back of your hand, and you should press the side of your thumb against your index finger to hold it tightly so you don’t let go . Turn your hand so that your palm faces you.

Weave the yarn over your fingers. Take the “working” end of the yarn and pull it over the palm side of your index finger, keeping the tail tightly gripped between the side of your thumb and index finger. Go under the back of your middle finger, over your ring finger, and under your pinky.

Loop around and continue weaving. Go over the pinky, under the ring finger, over the middle finger, and under the index finger.

Do this sequence again. Loop around the index finger, go under the middle finger, over the ring finger, and under the pinky. Loop around the pinky, go under the ring finger, over the middle, under the index, and leave the working end of the yarn draped over your thumb to hold it loosely in place. Each finger should now have two complete loops on it, facing you.


Pull up the bottom loops. Take the bottom loop of yarn on your pinky and pull it over your finger, taking it over the first loop, which you leave in place. That bottom loop of yarn should now be on the back of your pinky.

Repeat with the next two fingers. Move from pinky to middle finger and then stop.

Make the first “bottom loop” for your index finger. When you reach your index finger, simply move the tail that was between your thumb and index finger under your working yarn so that they don’t cross, up over the yarn that’s between your index and middle fingers. It should then be hanging down the back of your hand.

Weave the yarn again. Repeat steps 1 and 2 of Part One to go over and under your fingers until you have another set of loops. You should once again have two on each finger.

Pull the bottom loops up over the second loops you’ve just made. This time, you will treat the index finger the same as the others.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for as long as you want. A nice rope-like structure of yarn should form at the back of your hand, which will allow you to roughly gauge the length you’ve made. Don’t be afraid to lightly tug on it to tighten it up as you go.

Finishing Off:

Stop weaving. When your rope is as long as you want it, stop with one loop on each finger just after you’ve pulled over the bottom loops. Do not weave again.

Finish your pinky. Take the loop from your pinky, and put it on your ring finger. Pull the bottom loop up from your ring finger and over to the back of your hand.

Finish your ring finger. Move the loop from your ring finger to your middle finger. Again, pull up the bottom loop over to the back of your hand.

Finish your middle finger. Move the loop from your middle finger to your index finger. Pull up the bottom loop again. You should be left with only one loop on your index finger now.

Slip the loop off your index finger. Do not let it close.

Cut your working yarn a few inches away from the loop. Pull this tail through the loop. Tug a few times to tighten. You can also pull on the original tail to tighten it as well.

Finished. If you want your yarn to make a circle (for a bracelet, headband, etc.), tie the ends in a tight square knot. If not, you’re all done.

Here is a great video with step by step instructions —> How to Finger Knit

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