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10 Kid Fun Summer Ideas

Here are 10 Kid Fun Summer Ideas to do this summer time that are sure to be a blast!

Here are 10 Kid Fun Summer Ideas that are must do this summer time!  They are so much fun and the kids will have a blast doing them. Great ideas to keep them busy while making special memories over the summer break. Be sure to try some of them or all of them!

When your kids say “I am bored” then do one of these fun activities with them. My son loves the edible play dough and the tie dye with sugar. Both of those are things he asks to do over and over again. Really they are all great activities. Let us know one of your favorite summer time crafts that you do for fun!

10 Kid Fun Summer Ideas

Edible Play Dough Recipe

How to Tie Dye With Sugar

Night Sky Mapping For Kids

DIY How to Make Cloud Dough

How To Make Sponge Bombs

How To Make Slime

Exploding Colors :: A Rainbow of Fun Science Experiment

Pepper Experiment :: A Fun Science Lab Experiment

Lobster Kid Craft

DIY Lemonade Stand

Kids Recipe Collage


S’mores Trail Mix

Sour Patch Grapes

March Madness Cupcakes

Pizza Waffle Taco

Reuben Waffle Taco

Rainbow Fruit Platter 

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