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DIY Game Day Bunting Banner

Check out this DIY Game Day Bunting Banner. Getting your home festive for the big game does not need to be time consuming or expensive.

DIY Game Day Bunting Banner is a simple and inexpensive decoration for a sports themed party!

In fact, you can make your own Game Day Bunting Banner in just minutes and for less than a few dollars. It will add the perfect touch of fun to your football gatherings and will help get your guests in the spirit!

If you are hosting a super bowl party or children’s sports themed birthday party this is a great decoration idea!  You don’t have to be super crafty to whip one of these up, just take a peek below at how simple it is. This Game Day Bunting Banner is the perfect weekend craft project!

DIY Game Day Bunting Banner:

Supplies needed:
Assorted football themed scrapbook paper
Brown ribbon
Craft glue

That’s it! Four supplies are all you need to get this party started! We were able to find football themed scrapbook paper for less than .50 cents a sheet at our local craft store, and a roll of ribbon for under $2. Now that is a bargain!

1. Begin by cutting out 5-7 large triangles from your scrapbook paper. As you can see, we used scalloped scissors, but you don’t have to. You can use a straight edge if that is all you happen to have on hand.
2. Next, cut out 5-7 smaller triangles. If you want, you can snip out one and use it as a pattern for the rest.
3. Lay a length of brown ribbon flat on the floor or table. This will make it easier to attach your triangles.
4. Begin gluing the large triangles down first. Place them with the pointy side facing down. They should be fairly close to each other with no more than ½ an inch or so in between each.
5. Glue a second layer of triangles over the first. This will add a little extra interest and detail.
6. In between each large triangle, glue an additional small triangle. Again, this just layers the piece a little more adding interest and detail.

Your Game Day bunting banner is now ready to be displayed! Hang it over your food table or at the door for guests to see as they arrive. This is one frugal yet very festive Game Day craft that is sure to make everyone smile!

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